ERW Tube Swaging

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has been excelling in the manipulation of tube for years. We offer numerous services to alter the tubing to your liking. This includes ERW tube swaging. To deliver the best possible results, we use the most reliable equipment and tooling available. In addition, we have the most passionate technicians to maximise quality every time.

A rotary swaging process

ERW Tube SwagingIf you are unfamiliar with the service, it is a process of rotary swaging. This is the hammer forming operation meant for the reduction of the cross-section of wires, tubes, and solids. Rotary swaging is able to create regular forms or circular concentric reductions. The regular forms include squares, hexagonal, and octagonal.

We can swage both ends of the tube or just one. Alternatively, it can go right the way along the whole length of the section. What this can do is make the interior of the tube a different shape. As for the outside, it stays circular. You can also decrease or increase your tube’s diameter.

During the process, you insert a die into your tube. Once it is in the correct place the die shall close and open rapidly, hammering the interior surface. This will create the necessary shape. You can push the die all the way along the length of the tube or remove it and move on to swage the other end.

The positive aspects of tube swaging

There are many benefits here, which is why people like using it. To begin with, you have shorter cycle times. You will have your end product faster than you would with other processes. Also, no matter what the interior’s shape is, you will have an excellent quality exterior finish.

Plus, there is no material loss and tighter tolerances. Finally, swaging makes use of an impact procedure instead of cutting. As a result, the integral strength does not change. This adds to the minimum notch effect and wall thickness.

Why use ERW tubes?

These tubes are common for a number of reasons. The primary one is they are cost effective. Manufacturers are well aware of this fact. Moreover, it is possible to cold form them and welding the tube is easy. This results in significant savings for most projects.

The ERW tubes are not as brittle as other options either. In addition, they are more flexible. This is due to the fact that there is only 2% carbon present in the mild steel. You can easily adapt and bend the tube into different shapes.

Come to us for help with ERW tube swaging

Situated in the West Midlands, the Multiform team is well known for its first rate tube services. Whenever you need bespoke tubing, we are the company you should rely on. We will take the time to talk to you about your specifications. Then, we will work hard to get you precisely what you need.

You are welcome to contact us should you need any assistance. Our expertise means you can trust us to offer lots of useful tips for your project. We can even help you to resolve issues you may be having with designs.