Fabrication Tube Expansion

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd offers its customers a series of specialist tubing services. This includes fabrication tube expansion as well as various others. We have worked our way up to becoming one of the UK’s greatest experts. The work we do is ideal for making heating, refrigeration, furniture, barriers, and much more. So, you can rely on us for various needs.

How do you perform tube expansion?

Fabrication Tube ExpansionThis is quite a broad service that involves us using a series of methods to open the tube end up. It makes it possible to use the tubing in all kinds of interesting ways because the ends can be different sizes and shapes. Most importantly, it can provide a leak proof, snug fit onto other utensils. There are two separate practices you can use to achieve it.

Up first, we have ram forming expansion. This particular method utilises a dedicated, tapered die that operates as a mould. Pressure forces the die into the tube’s end. The tapering means it gradually expands the inner diameter of the tube. The die will also be of a formed, set diameter and size. What it means is that it is able to create specific diameters for particular tubes.

As for the second practice, it utilises a hydraulic operated expanding die. This will be a segmented die. Once opened, you can expand the finger style segments to a plethora of lengths and diameters. Such an option offers the user more flexibility in regards to range and size. You are free to open the hydraulic die as little or as much as is necessary. In the end, your measurements will be far more specific.

It is possible to perform expansion on the majority of metals. For example, it is an option for aluminium, hydraulic tube, steel, copper, titanium, and brass. We work with multiple grades of these metals, like food grade, stainless, and mild steels.

We understand the fabrication industry

Fabrication tube expansion is one of our most valuable services because of how diverse the industry is. Knowing this, it should not surprise you that those working in it need various tools and materials to produce items. Bespoke tubing has all kinds of applications, allowing users to meet numerous requirements.

One of the best things about working with our team is that we can provide tubes ready for assembly. This comes in handy when you need them for creating far bigger products because it saves time and cuts costs. Our expansion efforts enable it.

No matter what process it is we use, quality is always something we keep an eye on. By doing so, we can deliver excellent accuracy with every project.

Something else we can do is offer tubing that helps with the fabrication procedure itself. For example, you can use the tubes to protect the wiring inside housing. You are also able to get plenty of use out of the tube as parts for machinery and in tools. There are various applications in this sense as well. It further increases the amount of distinct uses.

Talk to us if you need fabrication tube expansion services

We are always happy to work closely alongside our clients. This strategy allows us to meet your specifications and deliver the proper utensils. With fabrication especially, this is significant because projects can be very specific.

In this industry, it is necessary to adhere to tight tolerances. So, a measurement only being out by a fraction of a millimetre can cause massive issues. Thankfully, our attention to detail and professionalism means this isn’t a concern. We will maximise accuracy.

So, if you find yourself needing a committed tubing expert, Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is the team for you. We’ve supported the industry for years. Our people understand the needs of those who work here, and can supply the best fabrication tube expansion services.

If there are details you need discuss with us, you are welcome to do so. Just get in touch and let us know what you have in mind and need from your tubes.