Fabrication Tube Reduction

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, our speciality is altering tubing to make it more suitable for our clients’ needs. To do so, we use professional techniques like fabrication tube reduction. The number of years we have spent in the industry is a strong indication of how good we are. Plus, regardless of who we are working with, we always produce quality results.

Tube reduction is a handy technique

The process here is like tube tapering. What you do is adapt the size of the diameter near the end of the section. Such work has its uses in a multitude of applications.

Tube reductionNormally, you would perform tube end reduction on hydraulic end formers or rotary reducing machines. The latter has many advantages. For instance, there aren’t any interruptions to the grain structure. This ensures you won’t lose any integral strength. Your work pieces can also be in cold or hot states depending on your requirements.

Another fact about rotary reduction is that it can tube layer. Here, you can sandwich several different materials together. It amplifies the characteristics of the final section. For example, you could insert a piece of steel tube inside one of aluminium and reduce them.

Hydraulic end forming is a useful technique on its own merit. What you do here is use a static die in addition to clamps. They can form tubing that is up to 5.5″ in diameter. This is much greater than what you can obtain by using rotary reduction.

We offer help to a diverse industry

Access to a service like fabrication tube reduction is extremely helpful. After all, this is a very diverse industry and there are few limits on what you can fabricate. Bespoke tubing has an exhaustive list of uses so it can cater for all sorts of specifications. That is especially true thanks to services likes ours that adapt it.

We are is extremely proud to be able to offer bespoke tubes to the industry. We can work with various materials, such as brass, titanium, aluminium, and several types of steel. Our technicians are fully aware of the differences in characteristics and what it takes to deliver top tier solutions.

Additionally, we have the expertise to work with oval, square, rectangle, and round shapes of tubing. This gives our clients even more options.

Ready for assembly

The wonderful thing about our services is that we can supply tubes ready for assembly. This comes in handy when you require them to create a far larger item. It can speed up the whole process, saving costs and reducing the lead time.

Plus, no matter what process it is we are using, quality is always our top priority. It allows us to provide outstanding accuracy with each job we take on.

We work closely with our clients to offer fabrication tube reduction

We are ecstatic to be able to work so closely with our clients. This is a practice we have to ensure we address your needs and supply the right tubes. With fabrication especially, it is vital. The reason is that tight tolerances can exist, which you need to adhere to. So, measurements being out by a mere fraction can lead to major complications. Luckily, our attention to detail means this should not be a concern.

If you are after an expert provider of fabrication tube reduction, we are the business for you. Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has years of experience providing services for the industry and many others. Since this is the case, we understand the requirements and can offer the best tubing.

So, if we can help you please feel free to speak to us.