Fabrication Tube Swaging

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we offer clients a wide collection of tubing manipulation services. We are even able to provide assistance with fabrication tube swaging to a multitude of industries. Because of the high quality work we do, we have become one of the leading businesses in our field. Plus, our talents are useful for creating a wide range of items, such as furniture, railings, refrigeration, and barriers.

What is the tube swaging process?

Fabrication Tube SwagingIn a basic sense it is a rotary hammer forming process for the cross-section reduction of wires, solids, and tubes. It is able to generate regular forms like squares, hexagonal, and octagonal, or circular concentric shapes. This is on both ends of the tube or one of them. In some cases you can go right through your tubing. In turn, the procedure is able to make the inner surface an alternate shape while the outer one stays the same. It can also decrease or increase the diameter of a tube.

With this process, you always start by inserting a die into your tube. The die closes and opens swiftly to hammer the surface, producing the shape or reduction. We are efficient here and monitor the quality to get the right results.

Swaging’s benefits

There are a number of advantages to using a service like ours. For one thing, the cycle times are short, providing you with your final product quickly and efficiently. It can outperform other ways to adapt the tubing.

In addition, no matter what shape or size the interior is, you will end up with a smooth finish on the exterior. The process should not influence it in any way.

What’s more, there are no material losses, and tight tolerances. Tube swaging makes use of an impact operation instead of cutting. This means the integral strength of the tubes stays the same.

The tubes we are able to work with for fabrication tube swaging are made from many different materials. To begin with, there is steel, which comes in stainless, hydraulic, food grade, and mild variants. In addition, we work with brass, copper, titanium, and aluminium tubing. So, we can provide solutions for all kinds of applications.

When you need services, you don’t have to look any further than us. We work alongside our clients to understand their requirements. The information we gain helps us to provide everyone with high grade tubes. Not to mention, we use the most advanced equipment and machinery. Because of this, we can work on tubing with outstanding efficiency and accuracy.

Start working with us if you need fabrication tube swaging

Located in the West Midlands, Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a well-respected company known for top tier services. Whenever you need bespoke tubing, you can turn to us. We shall take the time to discuss your specifications with you. We can then use our talents to get you precisely what you require.

You can get in touch with us if you need to use our fabrication tube swaging or other services. We are also happy to help if you would like to find out more or need assistance with a specific project.