Food Grade Stainless Steel Tube Expansion

Multiform Tubes Ltd is a company that excels in providing a wide array of tube manipulation services. A popular service of ours is food grade stainless steel tube expansion. We have built a reputation as a first class provider of this. The clients we work with choose us because they know we are capable of providing the results they desire.

Tube expansion is a technique we use to open up the tube end. By doing this, end users of the tubing can do all kinds of interesting things with it. Not to mention, our process provides the utensil with a leak proof, snug fit onto other tubes. This is great for pipe lines.

Two forming methods

Food Grade Stainless Steel Tube ExpansionWe can use two methods to expand the tube. One involves the use of a hydraulic operated die. These dies have many segments. Once we open the die, we can expand each finger style segment to numerous lengths and dimensions.

This procedure gives you excellent flexibility in range and size. For example you can open a hydraulic die as little or as much as you desire. The result is a far more specific measurement.

The next method is ram forming expansion. Here, we utilise a dedicated, tapered die that operates as a mould. The process is very simple. It involves placing the die in the end of the tube and then applying a huge amount of pressure to force it in to the necessary depth. This physically forces the tube end to expand.

The thing to keep in mind here is there is less flexibility in terms of the range and size. This is because you need to make the die in advance. It is static and the dimensions cannot change once it is made. That means you need to plan carefully so the dies are right for the projects.

Working with food grade stainless steel

The food and beverage industry is one with a lot of challenges. The biggest risk is contamination. With that in mind, companies favour materials where the risk of this happening is low. Specific grades of stainless steel tick all the right boxes. The most common ones are 304, 316, and 430. This is because they have great corrosion and oxidisation resistance, even at high temperatures. That makes them a good option for everything from pipes to machinery like mixers.

We have a lot of experience working with food grades of stainless steel. There are challenges but we can address them and offer excellent results. For example we can adapt the tubes without harming the corrosion resistance. We use tools specifically for working with the material. Then we consider the ductility to provide accurate results. In addition, we ensure the working environment is clean to avoid contamination.

Talk to us about food grade stainless steel tube expansion

Multiform Tubes Ltd is a market leader for tube alterations. We have years of experience and countless happy customers from various industries. Our ability to work food grades of stainless steel tubing means companies from this industry can rely on us. We can deliver bespoke tubes to suit various applications here. Clients can even come to us for advice about what solutions will be best for them.

So, if you need any kind of food grade stainless steel tube expansion service, contact us. We handle all kinds of jobs, including complex ones with very specific expansions.