Food Grade Stainless Steel Tube Manipulation

Multiform Tubes is known throughout the UK for our skills and knowledge in regards to adapting tubing. We are even proficient in food grade stainless steel tube manipulation. From our Midlands facility, we can attend to the requirements of every client.

When someone requires a professional and reliable manipulation service, they come to us. For years, we have been performing work of this nature. During this time, our reputation as a leading specialist has only grown. These days, clients come to us expecting the best, and this is what they receive.

A useful service

Food grade stainless steel tube manipulationAs for manipulating the tubing, this is a very useful service. Countless industries rely on it. To give some examples, you can use it to create tubes for carrying foodstuffs and beverages, furniture, and utensils. There is far more potential to uncover though. Our team also employs state of the art equipment for work. This allows us to operate accurately and efficiently.

You can’t have food grade stainless steel tube manipulation without the actual tubes however. Originally, this steel became popular for creating cutlery because of its corrosion resistance. In addition, it is incredibly strong and has wonderful hygienic attributes. To this day, the steel is one that is still used extensively.

Which steel grade will you choose?

You may be surprised to learn that there are numerous forms of the food grade steel to pick from. They provide minor different characteristics. These all depend on the extra elements in the alloy. There could be tubes with higher heat resistance. With this, the tools can better match the application. What’s more, the grades come with distinct surface finishes.

One challenging aspect of the steel would be the work hardening effect. When you work stainless steels, they harden. This makes it hard for you to adapt them further. Such a situation can create obstacles. This happens when you are attempting to create components with complex shapes. Furthermore, the metal could need a form of special welding. For this reason, we always recommend that you work with us instead of doing the work yourself.

Reliable food grade stainless steel tube manipulation

As one of the most flexible tubing specialists around, we do all we can to satisfy our clients. Each team member knows a great deal about our services and tubes. If anyone has an enquiry, you can talk to them.

We are always looking to help the food and drink industry however we can with our food grade stainless steel tube manipulation. The products you receive shall be high quality and as precise as they come. So, let us know if you wish to do business with us.