Food Grade Stainless Steel Tube Ring Rolling

Welcome to Multiform Tubes Ltd, one of the industry leaders working in tube manipulation. Our reputation is one we have built over many years. We’ve done so by providing many valuable services. One of them happens to be food grade stainless steel tube ring rolling. The team understands how to work with this material and adapt it as necessary.

Tube ring rolling

Food Grade Stainless Steel Tube Ring RollingThis process is one where we manipulate tubes in order to bend them into circular designs. It is a specialist technique that can generate a host of adaptable components for all sorts of industries. Using it, it is possible to produce tubing for spiral staircases and heating parts. Another possibility would be the creation of huge steel rings. These are just a few examples though.

We can perform ring rolling using more than one approach. This includes using cold and hot manipulation. Other methods would be machine and hand manipulation. In either case, it offers constant curves, even if you are using the most robust of tubes. It also does not flatten your tube, which is a welcome bonus.

Our reasons for using stainless steel

If you are wondering why we use stainless steel with this technique, there are actually many reasons for this choice. One characteristic that makes the metal so popular in modern times is the corrosion resistance. Due to the chromium, it is a unique attribute. This produces an oxide layer that stops corroding. The oxide is actually self-healing as well. As such, if the material is damaged while you are fabricating, it is going to repair itself. If you require food grade stainless steel tube ring rolling, please let us know.

The steel has a number of other useful properties to speak of too. They make it ideal for a wide variety of projects. For example, it is capable of retaining its great strength in higher temperatures. Moreover, it can endure lower temperatures. Steel is highly ductile too, and its strength is far greater to that of mild steels. All of these make it excellent for the food and drink industry.

Something else that you should know about stainless steel is that the material hardens during cold forming. When someone requires more strength from it, cold working is the solution they need. You can easily adapt the steel to match different applications and tensile strengths.

Top quality food grade stainless steel tube ring rolling

We have a considerable amount of experience working in tube ring rolling. As a result, we have the skills and equipment necessary to produce first class tubing products with it. The team understands the needs of our clients and works hard to ensure their satisfaction.

You are welcome to contact us if you require food grade stainless steel tube ring rolling. We can speak to you about your requirements and come up with a solution.