Furniture Tube Drilling

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a specialist company from the West Midlands offering first rate tubing services. Our team of experts has been working with clients for years to supply them with the perfect tubes. Each technician has extensive training and fantastic knowledge of the techniques we use. As a result, we have no trouble providing furniture tube drilling and much more.

What is great about tube drilling?

Furniture Tube DrillingOur professional service is able to save you time and hassle. This is because it provides a precise, clean hole each time regardless of placement. In addition, since we use specialist drilling gear and clamps, we stop tubes from bending or turning during the procedure. It maximises safety and quality.

Expert drilling offers solutions for all kinds of needs, with pre formed furniture being one of them. Pre drilled holes make assemblies go easier and faster. As we said above, it will save you money and effort, as well as time.

We have the knowledge to work with a myriad of first rate materials as well. These substances include stainless, mild, and food grade steel. Also, we work with brass, aluminium, copper, and titanium. Grades and alloys of these materials can vary, but we adapt to match the specific characteristics of each metal. So, we ensure maximum life, strength, and durability for the tube.

Tubing helps to create various furniture pieces

Furniture tube drilling is an essential service since metal tubes are perfect for creating all sorts of items. It is possible to make everything from desk chairs to tables and bed frames. They even show up in our cupboards and wardrobes as railings, allowing you to hang items up. The materials can be functional and/or decorative. It depends on the needs of the user and design.

There are many reasons why metal tubes are a great choice for furniture. For one thing, they are a cost efficient solution, even if you use the more expensive materials. In addition, tubing’s nature means they are usually lightweight. With furnishings in particular, weight is normally a critical factor. Contact us if you need expert furniture tube drilling services.

Adapting the tubes

Perhaps the largest benefit of using tube in the creation of these products is how you can adapt them. There are a lot of ways you can do it. For instance, you are free to bend a section of tubing to make angled and curved pieces. It enables creativity with designs and means your products can satisfy all sorts of requirements.

Tube made from multiple materials gets utilised in furniture manufacturing. Steels like mild and stainless variants are appropriate since they are high in strength and low in costs. Moreover, there are plenty of options in regards to finishes. You can select galvanisation and painting for example. This will improve the aesthetics and corrosion resistance.

Work with our team for expert furniture tube drilling

The Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd team has the means to supply one of the broadest selections of tubular products. You can come to us with all kinds of tube, including different shapes, diameters, wall thicknesses, and more. We can adapt them in different ways to suit practically any needs. In the end, you will have the bespoke tubing that you need.

So, feel free to speak to us if you have any questions about furniture tube drilling and more. We are always willing to offer more information about our services, and can recommend the best way to get the items you need.