Furniture Tube Expansion

Modern furniture and metal tubes go hand in hand. From patio chairs to dining tables, rails in wardrobes to shelving, there are countless uses for the tube. A lot of people love these furnishings because they are minimalist and can have a stylish, industrial look. Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd helps to create them. We can offer solutions like furniture tube expansion to make the tubing suitable for more uses.

Why use metal tubing for furniture?

Furniture Tube ExpansionAs we said above, furnishings featuring metal tube can be very stylish. However, the design aesthetics aren’t the only great reason for choosing tubes. There are many other advantages to think about too.

Firstly, tube tends to have two very useful physical properties. Typically it will be strong but lightweight. The latter is true when you compare to solid bars or rods. Whether you choose steel, aluminium, titanium, or another metal, it is a good idea to go with tubing.

Secondly, metal tubes are durable, long lasting, and generally don’t require a great deal of maintenance. All three give them an advantage over other materials such as woods and plastics. In most cases you can choose furniture featuring metal tube and be confident it will last for years.

On top of that, tubing provides lots of design options. Furniture tube expansion is just one of the things we can do to adapt it. In addition you can choose bending, ring rolling, and many other forms of manipulation. This opens up an entire world of possibilities.

What are the advantages of tube expansion?

Many clients ask us why they should go with expansion for tubing. Our answer is that it usually offers the best results. It is especially advantageous if you compare to cutting because there is no loss of material. Plus, with it being a wholly mechanical process, it won’t have an impact on the physical properties of the metal tubes. They will still be strong, light, and durable.

The process is also pretty fast and cost effective. You save on costs for a number of reasons. For example, generally labour and tooling costs are low. You typically won’t need any further processing. Plus, parts can be ready for fast assembly.

There are two options for the expansion; use a static die or choose a hydraulic one. We can suggest the right method for every client.

Ask us about furniture tube expansion

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has garnered a wonderful reputation over our decades of service. Our goal is to give clients the best value and exceptional results every time. This is the same whether you need a simple service or want help to create complex tubular parts.

We have industry leading skills too. As a result, we can work effectively with lots of different tubing. We will adapt our approach and tooling to account for differences in properties. That means we will deliver exactly what you need.

So, if you need tubing to create furnishings, you can rely on us. Our furniture tube expansion can cater for any needs. It can also work perfectly with any other service. So get in touch today to learn more and tell us what you have in mind.