Furniture Tube Ring Rolling

We are a team that has years of experience behind us. As a result, Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has become one of the UK’s foremost tubing specialists. Our technicians excel in manipulation and bending. Due to this fact, we can create high quality tubing that meets all of your requirements. The specific services we offer include furniture tube ring rolling, in addition to others.

How does tube ring rolling work?

This is a service we have been offering for a long time. It is the manipulation procedure where we bend tubing into circular designs such as rings, coils, and spirals. With ring rolling, it is possible to create versatile utensils for many different areas. It can make everything from spiral staircases and automotive springs to heating components.

We are able to carry out ring rolling work in a myriad of ways too. This includes cold and hot manipulation as well as machine and hand driven. The technique can provide constant curves too, even with the strongest of tubes. It doesn’t flatten your tube either.

Stainless steel tubes are especially good for furnishings

Furniture Tube Ring RollingFurniture tube ring rolling in particular has proven itself to be very useful. The use of metals to construct items like sofas dates back to the 19th century. Using stainless steel tubes specifically offers you a contemporary yet industrial aesthetic but also merges sturdiness with high quality. These items remain robust throughout their lifetime. It also gives you flexibility with great aesthetics.

Another reason why you should use these steel tubes for furniture is that they are resistant to corrosion. If you are investing in quality products, you will want them to be as low maintenance as possible. Stainless steel resists rust, and your items won’t be stained by water either. Because of this, the material is a highly popular choice for external sofas and metal furniture.

Stainless steel tubes aren’t as brittle as other options either. They have the ability to endure more weight and pressure. Plus, they are not as likely to crack, making them highly durable for long-term usage. For this reason, furniture in public gardens and parks is normally this kind of steel.

We can work with other materials too

Our skilful team is also able to work with other tubing materials. In addition to stainless steel, we work with mild and food grades of the metal. We also deal with titanium, brass, aluminium, and copper. Our technicians even possess the skill to adapt hydraulic tubing.

As well as the range of materials we can deal with, we can bend hundreds of different sizes of tube in a collection of shapes. So, if you use oval, circular, or square sections, we can still help you.

Come to us for the best furniture tube ring rolling

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd works to supply clients with first rate services for affordable rates. At the same time, we want everyone to experience the best customer service from our team. To do that, we ensure we are available to give you tips, advice, and all the support you need. Plus we deliver tubes quickly.

Furniture tube ring rolling is one of the many ways we can assist you. We can also offer bending, end forming and more, catering for many other industries. So, if you want to work with us, you can call or email us anytime.