Heating Tube Drilling

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a specialist company from the West Midlands excelling in tubing. We perform a wide array of manipulation and finishing services in order to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Everyone here is qualified and has an excellent amount of training and experience. Because of this, we can offer exemplary results. Our range of skills includes heating tube drilling and other techniques.

We save you time and hassle

Heating Tube DrillingThe tube drilling work we offer was designed with the intent of saving you time and hassle. We understand that it can be time consuming to receive tubes and then have to drill holes yourself. It is much faster if the sections arrive ready and not needing any additional processing.

We can achieve this for you, easing your workload and reducing your costs. Plus, thanks to our use of first class drilling gear, you will receive a professional cut every time. In addition, our team employs clamps to ensure the tubes don’t bend or turn while they are drilling. As a result, we can drills holes with very little risk of damage to the tube.

Thanks to our expert drilling, we can offer solutions for a considerable number of needs, including heating tubes, heat exchanger tube, and more. In every case the holes we drill will be accurate and clean.

Catering for all demands

Heating tube drilling is very useful because systems appear in a plethora of sizes and shapes. They can vary greatly in terms of use, layout, and the requirements of the users. Such diversity means there is a huge demand for bespoke goods. This includes high calibre metallic tubing.

We have been delivering specialist tubing for use in heating systems for years now. As such, we know what materials work best in these situations.

Copper is an excellent substance for many applications. The reason is because of its corrosion resistance, high melting point, and thermal performance. Such attributes make it one of the top materials to choose for components. Furthermore, copper tubing with relatively thin walls can still have the necessary strength to work in these systems.

We have an extensive history with copper and modifying the tubes to function with heating systems. Due to the knowledge we have, as well as our high calibre equipment, we can alter the tube in a variety of ways. This enables us to supply tubing that meets most criteria.

In addition to copper, we can also work with multiple steel variants. Some steels have a great deal of use in heating applications, especially if they have a zinc coating. Stainless steel is great too because it is has a protective layer to address the risk of corrosion.

We can offer you top quality heating tube drilling services

Should you find yourself in need of tube drilling, we are the experts you need to speak to. Our technicians recognise the importance of tubes having the correct features for such applications. Thanks to our expertise, each section of tubing is able to meet the high standards expected from us.

So, if you require our specialist heating tube drilling services, feel free to talk to us. We can go over your needs and see to it that you receive the right products.