Heating Tube Expansion

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we do all we can to make sure tubing is great for all manner of applications. What we do is utilise a number of different techniques to adapt the tube. This can include bending, ring rolling, and also different types of end forming. We can offer specific services like heating tube expansion and more for any client that needs it.

The easy way to expand tubes

Heating Tube ExpansionA number of projects require changes to the ends of tubing. Methods like cutting and welding can be time consuming as well as having an impact on the strength and durability. Alternatives like using extra fittings and fixtures can be costly and add weight to products. The best thing to do is ask us to expand the tube. What it can do is change the diameter to suit various needs.

The process here is relatively easy to understand. What we do is insert a die into the tubing. It will physically alter the diameter. This is an entirely mechanical process, so it won’t have an impact on key properties of the metal. It also won’t damage the grain structure.

There are actually two slightly different methods to use here. Firstly is ram forming. It takes a tapered die and forces it into the end of the tube. In doing so, the die gradually expands the diameter as it gets deeper.

The second option is to use a hydraulic die with finger segments. When they open, the segments hammer the interior of the tube. This results in the expansion.

You can choose whichever method works best for you. The latter can offer more range and flexibility. Ram forming has better repeatability because you have a die to suit your exact dimensions. You just need to make sure you insert it far enough into each tube.

Heating tube expansion for any need

Almost every property will need some form of heating system. Some have massive ones that are incredibly complex. The foundation for any of them is great tubing. It is necessary for efficiently transporting water, steam, or other substances. You need the right tubes here and they must deliver great value.

Our services are very useful for heating systems. We can adapt different types of tubing, including copper, brass, steel, and more. They can help with creating pipe work for any needs. They can also make it easier to create joints with other tubes, fittings, attachments, and equipment. Expansion in particular is great here and can create leak proof joints.

Come to us for the best service

When it comes to heating tube expansion and other specialist services, Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a market leader. Our team have decades of experience in various sectors. As a result, we can provide advice, recommendations, and more. It helps our clients to decide on the right tubing for each project. We then adapt it precisely to meet the specifications.

So, contact us today if you are designing a heating system or need help with metal tubing for other applications.