Heating Tube Manipulation

If what you need is a professional and reliable service for heating tube manipulation, then the team at Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd can meet your needs. We have been working in this industry for a long time. Our efforts have made us one of the UK’s foremost specialists in tubing. No matter what it is you require, we are able to give clients the finest possible solutions.

How useful is tube manipulation?

Tubing manipulation is a service that comes in handy for individuals working in various industries. There is a considerable array of applications. In addition to heating components, it can create furniture, railings, refrigeration, barriers and public transport fittings. There are numerous other tubular products you can design with our help too.

Thanks to our use of state of the art equipment, we can manipulate tubes with outstanding accuracy and efficiency. Consequently, we can provide the wonderful results clients have come to expect from us.

Different materials work for different situations

Heating Tube ManipulationWe can work with various materials when it comes to heating tube manipulation. For example, with tubing for heat exchangers, copper and stainless steel come up often. One of the reasons why is thermal conductivity. This dictates how rapidly the exchanger moves the heat from the heating source to the distribution fluid or removes it.

Here, an exchanger with copper tubing shall be much quicker at moving the heat. On average, copper’s thermal conductivity is twenty times greater than stainless steel. If speed is what you need, copper tube will serve you well. We have the skills to manipulate it for you.

Another major concern for heat exchangers is durability, especially when it comes to boilers. Condensing boilers release a corrosive condensate capable of eating away the metal in an exchanger. Heat exchangers incapable of enduring the condensate shall corrode rapidly. Thus, you need a solution that can withstand corrosion over the long term.

Here, stainless steel is definitely the winner. This particular steel comes with a characteristic called “passivation”. It is its ability to produce an oxide layer in response to contact with air. What the oxide layer does is safeguard the steel from corrosion. As a result, it ensures the material has a longer lifespan. It is ideal to use in any heat exchangers that shall encounter corrosive elements. We will be able to manipulate stainless steel tubing for you if you need us to.

Get the best heating tube manipulation services

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a business that is proud of the flexibility of our work. We always go out of our way to satisfy the clients who come to us for stellar tubing. Each technician we have is highly knowledgeable about our services and dealing with tubes, including various alloys and grades of different metals. They will be more than happy to advise and aid you if there is anything you need to ask us.

We are proud to say we are the best choice for heating tube manipulation work. So, feel free to get in touch with us if you need a service.