Heating Tube Reduction

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a specialist tube alteration business. For years now, we’ve been a significant part of the tubing industry. We have the means to create products for a huge array of industries. Thanks to heating tube reduction, we can provide you with the exact tools you need for heaters and more. The technique has similarities to tube tapering. Here, we lower the tube’s size towards the end. This practice is one of the most versatile we have.

Lots of benefits

Heating Tube ReductionWith tube end reduction, you can do it using either rotary machines or hydraulic end formers. The first has many advantages. For instance, there isn’t any interruption to the grain structure. As a result, there won’t be a loss in integral strength. Your work pieces could be in a hot or warm state. So, the technique is preferable for heavy wall components.

Rotary reduction has the potential to tube layer too. What you can do here is reduce tubes made of individual materials together. The result is a sandwich effect. You are able to increase strength while using specific materials.

Hydraulic end forming makes use of clamps and a static forming die. It can form tubes that are up to 5.5″ in diameter. This is much better than what you can do through rotary reducing, so it is the best choice for large tubes.

With both reduction practices, you can reach wall thicknesses of up to 5mm. The exception is if you do hot rotary; walls can be thicker here.

We work with a variety of materials if you need heating tube reduction

Another great thing about our business is that we can work with a plethora of tubing materials. There is food grade, stainless, and mild steel. Others include brass, titanium, hydraulic, aluminium, and copper tubes. All these materials provide individual specifications of appearance, strength, and durability. As a result, clients can get exactly what they need.

Heating tube reduction is especially useful since systems are very diverse. They come in a myriad of sizes and shapes. This helps suit the requirements of the inhabitants, layout, and use. Due to the diversity, there is substantial demand for bespoke items. This includes top tier metallic tubing. People utilise tubes in heaters and radiators, meeting essential roles in both applications.

During the years we’ve had the chance to offer countless items for use in heating systems. Our establishment understands the specifications of clients, especially in regards to quality. Thanks to this knowledge, we can supply the proper materials and tick every box.

Copper is an excellent material

Of all the materials we work with, copper is one of the most useful for heating. We can attribute this to its high melting point and resistance to corrosion. These features make it one of the top materials you can work with. Moreover, tubes with relatively thin walls have the necessary strength for systems.

The team has much experience working with copper and heating tube reduction. With the information we possess and our exceptional machinery, we can alter tube to the forms you need. This enables us to satisfy countless criteria.

Besides copper, steel comes in handy here too. Tubes comprised of separate steels see occasional use in heating. This is because you can zinc coat them to amplify the aesthetics and corrosion protection.

Precision is key with heating applications

When using heating tube reduction to produce tubes for this industry, we understand how vital precision is. As a result, we ensure that we adapt all tubing to the proper dimensions. It is integral for safety. Quality controls remain in place too. So, we can ensure that each piece of tube meets the necessary standards.

If you’re in need of our bespoke tubes, please contact us to discuss your specifications. We’ll help you get the components you need.