Heating Tube Swaging

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd offers specialist tubing manipulation services. One of these is heating tube swaging, a service we provide for a multitude of clients. The work we do has proven useful for all sorts of needs. Because of this, we have become one of the leading specialists in our industry. If you need an expert to adapt tubes for you, you’ve come to the right place.

How does tube swaging work?

It is a process of rotary swaging. This is the hammer forming procedure for reducing the cross-section of wires, tubes, and solids. The process consists of you inserting a die into the tube and quickly hammering. This can reduce the diameter or generate a different shape.

Heating Tube SwagingThe technique has the potential to create circular concentric reductions or regular forms. Examples include octagonal, squares, and hexagonal. This is on both ends of a tube or just one of them. Alternatively, it can be right the way through your tube. Whatever you do here, the outer tube, will remain as it was at the outset.

This sort of work comes with a multitude of advantages. For one thing, the cycle times are short with heating tube swaging. It will provide your end product quickly and efficiently. Moreover, no matter what shape the interior is, the exterior surface will remain smooth. What’s more, there is no material loss and very tight tolerances.

To clear things up, swaging uses an impact procedure instead of cutting. As a result, there is no material loss and you can achieve a great finish. Plus, the integral strength stays the same.

Our work is important to the heating industry

Heating tube swaging is a valuable process due to how demanding the industry is. Systems in buildings come in various sizes and shapes. This helps to match the layout, requirements of the inhabitants, and use. Due to such diversity, there is a colossal demand for bespoke items, especially metal tubing. People use tube in heaters and radiators as well, fulfilling critical roles for both.

The team at Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has been providing specialist tubing for years. During this period, we have delivered all sorts of products for heating systems. We understand the clients’ demands, particularly in the quality department. Such knowledge means we can supply the proper items for every situation.

The significance of copper tubes

Copper tubing has a wide range of uses in heating applications. The reason is that it has a high melting point and excellent thermal conductivity. Its corrosion resistance is also impressive. Such characteristics make it one of the top materials here. As well as this, tubes with relatively thin walls have the necessary strength for use in these systems.

We have years of experience working with these tubes. Our team frequently adapts them for use in heating systems. Using our first class equipment and the knowledge we hold, we are able to alter the tube to the shapes required. This enables us to supply items to satisfy numerous criteria. If you need us to, we can even offer coils.

Besides copper, our technicians work with a plethora of steels, aluminium, titanium, and more. In fact, we are confident we can offer a service for almost any kind of heating tube.

Work with us when you need heating tube swaging

When using tube swaging and other techniques, we understand the need for precision. Due to this reason, we guarantee that every item possesses the proper dimensions. It is essential for safety. Quality controls remain in place too. Thanks to that, we can ensure that every tube meets the high standards we set out.

So, if you need bespoke tubing, you can contact our team to arrange heating tube swaging and more. We will make sure you have everything you need, and can even offer design advice.