How to expand aluminium tubing

Multiform Tubes is a company that has a vast array of experience with tubing. Our talents include coil work, drilling, ring rolling, and bending. We even know how to expand aluminium tubing. If you are someone that is currently looking for a service that is professional and reliable, then you are in the right place.

Aluminium is the second most widely used metal on the planet. Iron is the only one produced and used in a higher volume. Due to its impressive characteristics, this is not really a surprise. You can expect it to be the best option for a huge number of applications.

A lightweight and corrosion resistant material

The most famous characteristic of aluminium is that it is very lightweight. This metal has a density that is a third of steel. In comparison, it is extremely light. Saying this, the lightweight nature does not affect its robustness. You can expect it to remain strong and sturdy.

Another attribute people love about aluminium is the corrosion resistance. The material responds to oxygen when it comes in contact with it. What this does is create an outer layer of aluminium oxide. The narrow layer is self-healing and dense so you get excellent protection. This particular feature makes it the ideal choice when corrosion is a big risk.

It is easy to form and work aluminium

Something else you should know about aluminium is that you can form and work it easily. You don’t need much energy to do this. When it comes to fashioning tubes, this is one of the largest benefits. Moreover, it allows you to manipulate your aluminium tubes in many ways so you can achieve your goal.

Tube expansion

Now that you know a little more about the material, you are probably wondering how to expand aluminium tubing. The answer is to use a technique called tube expansion. This is one of our many manipulation services. What happens here is that we use several methods in order to open the tube end. From here, you can use the tube in all kinds of ways. Additionally, it offers a leak proof, snug fit onto different tubes or fittings.

How to expand aluminium tubing – Two techniques

how to expand aluminium tubingTo achieve this, you can use two techniques. Firstly we have ram forming expansion. This approach uses a dedicated, tapered die that functions as a mould. Extreme pressure forces the die into the tube’s end section. Because the die is so hard and the force is so high, it expands the tube.

The next tube expansion technique employs a hydraulic expanding die. This has a number of finger size segments that can open and close rapidly. When they open they hammer the internal diameter of the tube, causing it to expand.

This strategy supplies you with considerably more flexibility in terms of range and size. You can control how much the hydraulic die opens, up to its maximum range. As a result, you can get a measurement that is far more specific. This also means you don’t have the downtime of creating a static die.

Work with us for great tube expansion

No matter what project it is we have, our team will offer the same first rate customer service and work. We can operate on any shape of tubing, including rectangular, round, oval, and square.

Get in touch today if you are interested in doing business with us. We will show you how to expand aluminium tubing the right way. As a result you can look forward to great results that won’t damage your tubes.