Hydraulic Tube Bending

Multiform Tubes Ltd is an expert at manipulating tubing. We support clients in an array of industries and take on new exciting projects on a regular basis. That means our skills and knowledge pools are always expanding. One area where we excel is hydraulic tube bending. We can adapt tubes to suit various types of equipment and system.

Our services

Hydraulic Tube BendingWe set very high standards whenever we bend tubing. Our goal is to make sure that the results are perfect for our clients. This includes taking care to ensure there are no surface issues, both inside and outside of the tube. We also monitor to make sure that the tubing does not collapse or suffer from other flaws during bending. In some cases we may need to use mandrel to prevent them.

At the core of our services is high quality equipment. We invest in the best machinery, including tube benders. They give us the ability to produce high quality products. We also make sure we have the very best tooling and monitor it. Using the wrong tools or one with excessive wear can mean poor quality results so we want to avoid that.

High quality hydraulic tubing

These tubes are made of high quality steel. Generally they have a zinc or phosphorous plating to provide better corrosion resistance and improving the durability. The latter can also offer benefits with cold bending the products.

Tubes can come in a range of sizes to suit a variety of needs. The size will typically depend on the pressure range, whether it gas or liquid moving through the system. It is also important to think about the temperature of the commodity the system will be handling.

Talk to us today about hydraulic tube bending

Multiform Tubes Ltd has the skills to take straight sections of hydraulic tube and bend it in a number of ways. We can do this to create curves, angles, and even coils. Our services are a great alternative to cutting tube and welding it. They can reduce the risk of leaks and pressure losses. Whatever the client has in mind for the hydraulics system, we are confident we can provide bending solutions.

So, if you want a reliable service from an expert in the field, rely on us. We are the top name for hydraulic tube bending and also make sure our services are convenient and cost effective. Our facility is in the West Midlands and we can offer both collection and delivery options.