Hydraulic Tube Expansion

At Multiform Tubes Ltd we know just how useful high quality metal tubing can be. We have an important part to play here. What we do is offer a range of manipulation and finishing services to adapt tube to suit even more applications. This can include everything from bending to drilling. We have an excellent reputation, excelling at working with different materials. For one, we are the top name for hydraulic tube expansion in the UK.

What are hydraulic tubes?

Hydraulic Tube ExpansionWhile this is a very specific service, it is one we truly excel at. We can adapt high quality steel hydraulic tubing so it suits all kinds of needs. These tubes are suitable for a huge array of systems that use hydraulics. They need to be able to handle the pressure and flow of liquid or gas through them. It is vital to retain these characteristics even after adapting them.

A number of hydraulic systems use flexible hoses rather than metal pipes. However, they are not the right option when strength, stability, and longevity are vital. If the system needs permanent pipework, the steel tubes are the perfect choice.

How do we provide hydraulic tube expansion?

The thing to keep in mind with hydraulic systems is that it is crucial to avoid leaks. Even a small one could result in a loss of pressure that would then affect the performance of the system. To reduce the risk of this happening, it is important that the tubes have tight, leak proof joints. One way to ensure this is the case is to choose a combination of tube expansion and reduction services. These can adapt the ends of the tubing to create quality joints.

We use one of two methods to offer hydraulic tube expansion. The first uses a static die that tapers. We insert this into the end of the tube and then apply a huge amount of pressure. What this does is force the die deeper, expanding the tube in the process. It can be a really effective option, one that does not require any specialist equipment or heating the tube. In addition, it can retain the characteristics of the metal.

The second option is to use a hydraulic die. Rather than a static one that acts like a mould, these dies have segments that can open and close rapidly. The die simply fits into the end of the tube and then the hammer action expands the tube from inside. Again this can be very effective and retains the properties of the metal.

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Multiform Tubes Ltd sets very high standards and aims to deliver the highest quality products every time. We can do this because we have a wealth of experience, a skilful team, and the best equipment. Every customer who comes to us can be confident we will cater for their needs.

So, if you need hydraulic tube expansion or any other service for this type of tubing, you can contact us for help. You can also come to us if you need solutions for other types of metal tubes and a diverse range of other applications.