Hydraulic Tube Manipulation

Multiform Tubes Ltd has spent many years building up our skills and expertise. This focus is the reason we are now one of the leaders in our field in the UK. Clients can come to us with confidence we can provide solutions for all kinds of applications. This includes hydraulic tube manipulation and more.

What are hydraulic tubes?

Hydraulic Tube ManipulationThis tubing is specifically for use in hydraulic systems. The tube is typically rigid steel so it provides a permanent solution for transporting different gases and liquids. People use the tubes when they need more stability than they can get from using something like hoses or flexible tube.

The thing to keep in mind is that hydraulic tubes are a precision product. They have to be to ensure they can move resources effectively without concerns about leaks or a loss of pressure. You have to consider this to ensure you design them properly. It is also vital to think about it when you adapt them.

Expert hydraulic tube manipulation

We understand that our services need to be very accurate when we work with this type of tubing. Luckily, our team have great experience and access to a huge amount of equipment. That allows us to offer bending, ring rolling, and various types of end forming.

One thing we must note here is we favour cold forming methods. We do this to preserve the characteristics of the metal and the surface quality. Therefore, in most cases we will be using various types of cold forming to adapt the tubes. Some hydraulic tubes have a black phosphate coating on the outside. This is great for us because it can make cold forming easier.

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Hydraulic systems can vary in terms of their scale and complexity. Some can be relatively simple with rigid pipes that don’t need a great deal of alteration. Others can be very complex, requiring tubes with bends, angles, and more. Typically expert end forming is necessary too so it is possible to create leak proof joints. Whatever the needs though, Multiform Tubes Ltd can help.

Our goal on every single project is to provide the best results and unbeatable value for money. We have many happy customers who will say we are a success in both areas. So, if you have a project in mind and need hydraulic tube manipulation, choose us. Just get in touch and we will explain our services.