Hydraulic Tube Ring Rolling

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has a long history of providing top quality tubing services to clients all over the UK. This includes a wide array of processes such as ones like hydraulic tube ring rolling. We have built a reputation for delivering the best products. So, if you need of some unique pieces of tubing, you have come to the right place.

Experts in ring rolling

Hydraulic Tube Ring RollingThe actual process here is where we take regular tubes and manipulate them so they become circular rings, coils or spirals. This procedure allows us to create versatile products for all kinds of industries. We can use it to make the likes of automotive springs, spiral staircases, and heating components. If you request them, our team can even make large steel rings.

We can perform the rolling operation using multiple approaches. This includes machine and hand manipulation. Cold and hot options are also available to suit different needs. Even with the strongest metals, you can get constant curves. You don’t have to worry about your tubes suffering with flat spots either. If hydraulic tube ring rolling is a service you need, please let our team know.

An excellent choice of tube

Speaking of hydraulic tubing, we should probably explain what makes it so special. One of the reasons why people use it is because of its ability to transport various substances. For this reason, it is important to keep it leak free. Therefore, people typically favour the seamless models. What’s more, these types of tubes have more strength for tougher jobs. They might be a bit expensive but they are worth the investment.

Normally, those steels used to make hydraulic tubing are normalised too. This is a special form of heat treatment that can enhance the flexibility of the steel. It alters the steel’s microstructure so it becomes more ductile. As a result of this process, the tubes are easier to work with.

Expert hydraulic tube ring rolling

The technicians here at Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd have the equipment and talent to work with a myriad of tube types. We are well aware of how essential precision is. As such, we shall offer each adaptation and bend to the tightest tolerances. Thanks to our work, the final product is going to match all of your requirements.

We want to supply everyone with high calibre services and products at reasonable prices. Hydraulic tube ring rolling is just one of the numerous ways we can aid you though. You can also contact us for other types of tube bending and manipulation. So, if you are after top tier merchandise, reach out to us today.