Hydraulic Tube Swaging

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is the leading expert in our industry. We can take standard sections of tubing and adapt them in several ways to cater for many different needs. Our skills are extensive, ensuring we can work with a number of metals, various shapes of tube, and many kinds of lengths, widths, and wall thicknesses. One area where we are unbeatable is hydraulic tube swaging. We can offer consistent results here every time.

What is hydraulic tubing?

Hydraulic Tube SwagingThese tubes are a great alternative to hoses. They are made of steel, ensuring they are stronger and more rigid. This can be beneficial for applications that require permanent tubing. The strength and durability will mean they last longer, don’t need replacing as often, and are in a better position to withstand any pressure on them.

Some people also choose the steel tubing for hydraulics because it can have much stronger ends. A weak end could allow leaks and a loss of pressure. As a result, it is important to be careful when choosing products. The tubes can be a great choice, especially after expert tube manipulation. These techniques can expand or reduce the ends, making it easier to create tight joints.

The most accurate hydraulic tube swaging

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we know how useful swaging can be. In fact, we can offer it for a wide array of different types of tubing. Our goal with each project is to swage the tube to ensure it has the exact cross section the client needs.

We use a rotary process for the swaging. Here we use a die that we can insert into the end of the tube. Once in place, it can open and close rapidly to hammer the inner diameter (ID) of the section. It can rotate while hammering, allowing a concentric reduction in the wall thickness. What this does is gradually widen the ID.

While the tube swaging process is usually for concentric reduction, it is not the only thing it can do. We can also use it to make the ID a different shape. Some projects require this because the tubing needs to attach to a fitting or fixture that is not round. So, we can swage the tube to change the inner surface to be square, hexagonal, or other shapes while leaving the outer shape the same.

Ask us about services

As we said above, we are the leading company in our industry. We have the skills to offer hydraulic tube swaging for any need. Or we can offer other solutions like reduction, tapering, bending, and more. We can even drill holes in tubes. That means clients can rely on us for all of these tubing alterations.

One thing that makes us stand out is we can support businesses in a huge array of industries. This includes manufacturing, heating and air con, shop fitting, and many, many more. In fact, we are always ready for new challenges. We can apply our considerable experience to find the right solutions for most clients.

So, if you need hydraulic tube swaging or a service for another type of metal, please contact us. You can always expect a great service with us.