Large Steel Rings

Multiform Tubes is a company specialising in using tube manipulation and bending. We use our talents to supply clients with a host of useful products. This includes large steel rings. The goods we create are appropriate for various applications in an array of industries. So, if you need bespoke products, we can create them for you.

With years’ worth of experience under our belt, we have become one of the UK’s top providers of rolled large steel rings. People expect us to manufacture the highest quality merchandise for all of their projects. This is precisely what we do. In order to develop these rings, we must use a technique known as tube ring rolling. This is an efficient, accurate forming process.

Tube ring rolling

Large Steel RingsFor those unfamiliar with it, tube ring rolling is where we bend tubes into circular designs. It is one of our most popular manipulation processes. Ring rolling our tubes allows us to create versatile pieces for all sorts of areas. We are able to make other objects in addition to large steel rings too. This includes everything from spiral staircases to automotive springs and heating components.

From machine and hand operation to cold and hot manipulation, we can also perform ring rolling in several ways. With our help, you receive constant curves with the most robust of tubes without flattening them.

We assist people from all kinds of industries

Our first rate products can assist individuals belonging to a myriad of industries. To give some examples, they are perfect for fabrication, transport, medical, and also heating.

As you might expect, we use all the best materials in our manufacturing efforts, not just steel. We can also roll tubes of copper, brass, titanium, and aluminium. The result is something that is ideal for industrial and domestic use.

Our team uses the best equipment

Pipe Bending ServicesSomething else we have a reputation for here at Multiform Tubes is using the most sophisticated equipment in our work. This enables us to create everything with brilliant accuracy. Our clients receive far greater results because of this.

We are proud of our skills when it comes to our tube manipulation services. The team always wants what is best for every client. As a result, we always have people on hand ready to offer advice at a moment’s notice. Speak to us if you have any enquiries.

Another thing we would like to mention about our clients is that we work closely with them. We do this to gain a better understanding of their specifications. It makes it easier for us to get those high grade items for them.

Come to us if you need large steel rings

Those looking to take advantage of our services will be happy to know that it is not difficult to find us. Our premises are near junction 3 of the M5 within the West Midlands.

If you make us your first choice for large steel rings, you won’t regret it. In fact, you won’t find services more professional than ours anywhere else.

To get in touch, you can give us a call or send the team an email. We will be happy to offer advice as well as design tips.