Tube Expansion Procedure

Multiform Tubes is a company that uses its experience in the tubing industry to produce the highest quality products. We do this through the use of our specialist services. These include expanding tube as well as several others. In fact we have a lot of knowledge of the tube expansion procedure. Everyone that works with us is fully aware that we have the skills to cater for various needs. In addition, they know that we are more than capable of delivering on time and for great prices.

There are many uses for tubes

Mechanical Tube ExpansionThe tubes we create here are ones you can use freely in many industrial and domestic applications. Our team uses the best equipment in order to deliver results every client will appreciate.

Tube expansion is one of the main manipulation practices we use to create the goods everyone is so familiar with. What happens here is that our technicians use a series of approaches to open the tube end up. This permits users to use the tubes in an array of interesting ways. On top of this, the technique enables us to provide a tube with a leak proof, snug fit onto other ones or fittings.

In addition, we work with a large variety of materials. Notable examples include aluminium, copper, steel, brass, and hydraulic tubes. It is possible to carry out expansion on the majority of metals. You can typically expand them up to 5/6mm in thickness and 150/160mm in diameter. For more advice about the tube expansion procedure, get in touch with our team.

In order to expand tubes effectively, we use two different methods.

Ram forming

What happens here is that we use a dedicated, tapered die that functions as a mould. Huge pressure forces the die into the tube’s end. Afterwards, this retracts out, and you are left with a tube end that has a wider diameter. The die used is a set, formed size. What this means is that a die can only fashion set diameters.

Hydraulic operated expanding dies

Here, we use a segmented die. Once it opens, it can expand the finger style segments to a myriad of lengths and diameters. Such an approach offers far more flexibility in terms of range and size. The hydraulic die can open as little or as much as necessary. This is able to give measurements that are far more specific.

Contact us to discuss the tube expansion procedure

tubeWith our tube expansion service you have a versatile way of supplying a tight fitting joint. The experienced and intelligent team of technicians we have are able to confidently attend to any project. Not to mention, we put the same amount of attention into our customer service.

If you need advice about the tube expansion procedure or need it for any kind of project, please give us a call. You can also email us or fill out our contact form. We will deal with all your queries.