Medical Tube Reduction

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a specialist that provides many services designed to alter tubing. This includes the likes of medical tube reduction. We can serve a multitude of other industries as well. The reduction process has a lot of similarities to tube tapering. Here, you lower the tube in size towards its end section. It can provide even more applications for sections.

What is tube end reduction?

Medical Tube ReductionWith tube end reduction, you perform it either using hydraulic end formers or rotary mechanisms. The latter has its fair share of advantages. To give an example, there won’t be any interruptions to the grain structure. This guarantees that there won’t be a loss in integral strength.

Another fact is that the work pieces can be in warm or hot states for rotary reduction. So, it is ideal if you need heavy wall components. The heat makes it easier to adapt them.

Rotary reduction is also able to tube layer. Here, you can reduce tubes made of different materials together. The result of this is a sandwich effect. It can be a great way to combine materials to give the final product a better array of properties.

Hydraulic end forming utilises clamps and a static forming die. Such a set up lets you form tubes that are up to 5.5″ in diameter. It is far superior to what you can achieve using rotary. So, it is the best option for these larger diameters.

With both reduction practices, wall thicknesses can reach 5mm. You can only go beyond it if you use hot rotary. You need to think about this when you look at medical tube reduction.

We work with many materials

Something else you should know about us is that we are able to adapt a wide array of tubes. Clients can ask us to deal with different types of brass, aluminium, titanium, and copper. We also have experience with hydraulic, stainless and mild steels, including food grade stainless steel.

Every material provides its own specification of appearance, durability, and strength. We can adapt the services to account for them. It ensures we will deliver the best service for each type of tube.

We also have the ability to deal with different shapes of tube. It could be oval, round, or square ones. That expands our capabilities even more.

Health and medical applications

Medical tube reduction is an especially important service because of how many uses tubes have in this industry. The sheer number here will surprise you. If we didn’t have tubing, the medical world would not be what it is today.

Perhaps the most obvious use of tubing would be patient assistance devices. They can include everything from IV stands and wheelchairs to safety railings and hospital beds. We use tube here because it is lightweight, strong, and durable. That is important for mobility and patient safety.

Another fact about the medical industry is that it depends on tubing to make surgical utensils. Objects such as stethoscopes make use of specialised tubes. This allows them to generate efficient sound transmission. Additionally, needles use incredibly fine tube but must still be sturdy to minimise the danger of breakage. In both scenarios, quality and durability are essential. They come from the materials you use and precision manufacturing.

One other use of tubes for medical applications is orthopaedic implants. Many of them feature tubing because it is possible to shape them more like bones. That is vital for safety as well as comfort.

Work with us for medical tube reduction solutions

Our people work hard to deliver a wide collection of products to suit all sorts of specifications. Our skills are exceptional, especially for things like railings and furniture. We commit ourselves to meeting the highest standards possible every time here. This is the case when we are using any technique to adapt tubing.

So, if you have any queries about medical tube reduction or other services, you’re welcome to get in touch. We can provide all the knowledge and advice you require to decide what service to use.