Medical Tube Swaging

Metal tube is crucial for creating a wide range of different products. However, to maximise the number of applications, you need to use techniques to adapt the tubing. Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd excels at this. We can do all kind of things to a high standard. This can include medical tube swaging and much more.

What is swaging?

Often what people need for tubes is a service to adapt the ends. This could be to alter the diameter or completely change the shape. We can provide this.

The swaging technique we use is a type of hammer forming. It requires inserting a die into the end of the tube. It can then open and close, rapidly hammering the inner surface. With time it can gradually reduce the diameter, opening up the tube end. If you rotate the die carefully, you can also change the shape in the process.

The benefits

If you compare the various ways to adapt the ends of tubing, swaging provides many clear benefits. Most importantly, it has no impact on integral strength. This is excellent for various medical components. It makes it a far better option than cutting.

Secondly, the process can be very rapid and have short cycle times. It can result in a much shorter lead time. It can also save users a lot of money.

Finally, when you swage tubing, it can leave the exterior in the exact same state. So, whether you dramatically reduce the diameter or change the shape, the outside surface will remain as it originally was. The finish will be smooth and there won’t be damage to any protective coatings.

Do you need medical tube swaging?

Medical Tube SwagingThis technique is perfect for creating components for many different products. A surprising number of medical items rely on tubing. For example, walking sticks and crutches can be metal tube because it is lighter than rods or bars but still very strong. Wheelchairs, walking frames, and other assistance devices also feature them for the same reasons. IV stands do too.

Health and safety is vital in all spaces. However, it is even more crucial in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Handrails here are likely to be metal tubing so they are strong, sturdy, and easy to clean.

All of these products can benefit from swaging. It can adapt the ends to make it easier for tubing to fit together. This can allow seamless joints with no need for additional fixtures and fittings.

Talk to us about services

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a leader in tube alteration. Clients can rely on us to offer the very best service for any need. We maximise accuracy, something that is crucial for components that will be part of larger products or systems.

So, if you need medical tube swaging or other solutions, you can contact us. We would be happy to advise you on whether the technique will achieve what you need. Plus, we can combine it with other methods to help you get bespoke parts.