Mild Steel Construction Tube Swaging

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is known for offering specialist tubing manipulation services. This includes mild steel construction tube swaging. It is a helpful practice that allows us to develop the right utensils for the industry. Allow us to explain the process as well as how beneficial it is in more detail.

A quick look at tube swaging

Mild steel construction tube swagingWhat we have here is a process of rotary swaging. It is the hammer forming procedure for the cross-section reduction of solids, wires, and tubes. With it, it’s possible to generate circular, concentric reductions or regular forms. These include squares, hexagonal, and octagonal. You can do this on one end of the tube or both of them. Or, you can go right through. In turn, it can make your inner tube a separate shape without changing the outside. Also, it is able to decrease or increase the diameter of tubing.

The procedure consists of inserting a die into the tube and quickly hammering. The die opens and closes fast, to hammer the inner surface. Due to our efforts, the die rotates to get you the right result. The change in shape and/or diameter can be very accurate.

As for the benefits of mild steel construction tube swaging, they are numerous. For instance, there are short cycle times. They deliver your end product to you efficiently and on time.

What’s more, no matter what the interior’s shape is, you will have a quality finish on the exterior. Also, there are tight tolerances and zero material loss.

Swaging makes use of an impact process instead of cutting. It means that integral strength remains the same. It adds to the minimum notch effect and can also improve wall thickness.

Why is mild steel tube a popular choice for construction?

Mild steel tubing in particular is popular for use with construction projects. It is versatile and has many infrastructure applications. In addition, it is lightweight, strong, and durable. People use the tubes to create structures like buildings, bridges, and towers. The benefits to using this material in infrastructure and construction work are plentiful.

You use the tubes in plumbing and structural jobs where durability and strength are integral. These features make the tubing highly functional. Come to us if you need mild steel construction tube swaging services.


A key thing here is mild steel is a low-carbon alloy. Thanks to this, it is easy to shape, weld, and cut into any shape or configuration. That means it has impressive versatility. These tubes keep their strength even when they are exposed to heavy loads or extreme temperatures. What’s more, the surface coating minimises rust formation and further increases longevity.

We’ve already touched on the tubing’s strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. It also offers the benefit of affordability. Compare it to other construction materials, and it is one of the cheapest options. The production costs are relatively low. So, it is perfect for large and small scale endeavours. You can use the tube in bulk without paying a high price.

Mild steel tubes are fireproof too. You can use them in construction projects where they’ll be exposed to flames or high temperatures.

You also have the option to combine the tube with other materials like wood and concrete to make hybrid structures. What you will end up with is the best of both materials. Mild steel construction tube swaging can help adapt the tubing to facilitate the combinations.

These tubes are sustainable as well. They are an environmentally friendly construction option. You are free to reuse and repurpose them as you see fit. Furthermore, they are low in carbon emissions, leaving their environmental impact minimal. The tubing can help to lower a project’s environmental impact and also generate a more suitable future.

Finally, these tubes are safe options. Mild steel is one of the safer construction materials to use. They don’t pose health risks to workers, nor do they release dangerous chemicals or gases into the environment.

Look to us for mild steel construction tube swaging

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