Mild Steel Transport Tube Drilling

We’re a specialist tubing company committed to supplying top tier services. Our team has years of experience providing the likes of mild steel transport tube drilling. As a result, we are capable of meeting all your needs. If your projects call for tubing with unique features, you’ve come to the right place.

What is tube drilling?

Mild Steel Transport Tube DrillingThe process is one designed to save you time and hassle. It does this by offering you a precise, clean hole. Thanks to the quality drill equipment we use, we’ll ensure accuracy. Moreover, we utilise clamps to ensure your tubes don’t bend or turn when drilling takes place. Whatever it is you decide to use it for, you will save effort, time, and money.

Mild steel is the least expensive of the steels and is the most extensively used. As such, this material should be the go to for most applications. For example, you see it in the transport industry for body panels and chassis in many road-worthy vehicles. You can find it in massive trucks and regular five-seaters. It appears frequently in tube form as well.

Saying all this, you are likely wondering what advantages mild steel has over other materials and metals in the industry. Let’s look at some of the main ones.

Cost benefits

When you are seeking the right material, you will need something with an impressive cost benefit. It needs to be one you can enhance for future industry use as well. Mild steel is able to match a manufacturer’s need for low-weight vehicles. That is a must for making them as fuel efficient as possible.

Also, the steel is a very affordable material that you can engineer in various ways. This is to meet performance and crash safety specifications. The distinct flexibility with mild steel doesn’t detract from its strength and ability to deflect energy during crashes too. If your situation calls for mild steel transport tube drilling services, contact us today.


One of the reasons mild steel has seen such heavy use in the transport industry for so long is its ‘ferromagnetism’. At room temperature, the material’s atoms are organised to produce a structure that is predominantly ferrite. So, the material is magnetic. This can make it suitable for a massive range of applications, including for vehicle manufacturing and within the vehicles. Some interesting examples of the latter include tracking systems and seat belt detectors.

A stylish choice

Mild steel is also a good choice because it can meet the demand for motors that have memorable, stylish appearances. It is great for the outside panels because it is easy to form into complex shapes. Thanks to special coating technologies, the parts can get a protective, aesthetically pleasing finish too. Examples of these include galvanising and zinc electro coatings. Wax injection and painting and sealing procedures aid in creating a wear resistant skin as well. It leads to a ductile and tough exterior with good corrosion protection.


The transport industry aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Mild steel can help here. You can produce tubes and other necessary components with more energy efficiency. Steel production uses large quantities of energy. However, can be far less than other metals. Since it is normally magnetic and simple to sort from groups of mixed waste, it is easily recyclable. Regardless of how many times you reuse it too, it won’t lose its quality. So, it can be surprisingly sustainable.

Start using our mild steel transport tube drilling services

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