Mild Steel Tube Expansion

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is known for its extensive work with tubing products. Our skills extend to many areas, including mild steel tube expansion. The technicians on our team understand how to work with this material and many others to provide you with the best possible products. In addition, we deliver items quickly and offer our services for some of the most competitive prices.

Because we have put in the effort, we have become one of the UK’s foremost tube experts. Our reputation for offering specialist services is excellent, especially with expansion. This kind of process is ideal for creating tubing for heating systems, barriers, refrigeration, furniture, and more.

How do you expand the tube?

Mild Steel Tube ExpansionThe actual process of tube expansion involves employing a number of methods to open the end up. This can allow you to create a snug, leak proof fit onto the other tubes, fittings, and more. Or, the finish could be purely decorative. In either case, the process lets you use the tubes in all kinds of ways.

You can achieve the expansion using two methods. The first of these is called ram forming. It uses a tapered, dedicated die that serves as a mould. By using considerable pressure, you can force your die into the tube’s end. Once you achieve the right depth you retract it out, leaving a wider tube end. The die is a pre-determined diameter and size. In other words, it is only capable of producing certain diameters for specific tubes.

As for the second method, it uses an expanded die that is hydraulically operated. The die has segments. When you open it, you can expand each finger style segment to a myriad of lengths and diameters. Therefore, you have considerably more flexibility in range and size. The result is measurements that are far more specific.

A mild but effective metal

When you look at the mild steel tube expansion process, you need to ensure you understand the metal itself. That way you can get a better idea of how it will behave and what is possible. There is no point designing ends if it won’t be possible to achieve them.

Mild steel is a popular metal for many applications, including tubing. People especially like using it for ERW tubes since you can cold form the sheets by rolling them. As the ends connect, it is simple to weld them together to produce the tube.

There is another benefit of using mild steel for tubing; it is not as brittle as other substances. Not to mention, the flexibility is outstanding. The reason for this is that there is only about 2% carbon. Therefore, people can adapt and bend the tubes easily.

Contact us for mild steel tube expansion

We have plenty of experience with tube expansion and can get you the results you are looking for. Our technicians put in the necessary effort to effectively work with the materials, whether it is a softer, ductile metal or a harder substance. If bespoke tubing is something you need, we can produce it for you.

So, if you want to learn more about mild steel tube expansion, we can help you. Please get in touch with us to discover what we can do.