Mild Steel Tube Manipulation

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has specialised in adapting tubing for years. We use a myriad of techniques to meet the specifications of our clients. Mild steel tube manipulation services in particular are popular and have numerous uses. The people we work for recognise us as a leading provider of tubing services and come to us every time they need help.

Creating tube for many needs

Mild Steel Tube manipulationTube manipulation is a technique that has its place in an array of industries. People use it to create lots of products. To give some examples, you can use the tubes for furniture, barriers, public transportation fittings, heating, and railings. There are many more tubular products you can create with our help too.

Since we use the most advanced equipment available, we can manipulate every tube accurately and effectively. Consequently, we can satisfy all of our clients. We can even offer solutions for tricky projects.

The services we provide are appropriate for many different materials too. This allows us to provide the mild steel tube manipulation work we are known for but means clients can rely on us for other metals too. In addition, it makes us one of the most versatile businesses out there.

The ideal material

Mild Steel is actually one of the world’s most popular materials to use. It is especially practical for ERW tubing due to the fact you can cold form the sheets by rolling them. When the ends connect, it is possible to weld them to produce your tube. Both situations are possible since this metal is relatively soft when you compare it to other steels. At the same time though, it still has good strength.

Another good reason to use mild steel is that it isn’t as brittle as other materials. It has decent flexibility too. The reason for this is that it has 2% carbon. Therefore, you can adapt and bend the tube easily. Something to remember is that the material’s flex means it is inappropriate for structural requirements. This includes beams and columns.

Perhaps the main reason why everyone likes using mild steel though is that it is relatively cheap. This is what draws manufacturers towards it. The ease of being able to cold form the metal also helps you to keep costs down.

However, it is vital to remember that this material has subpar corrosion resistance. Since this is the case, the metal must be given some form of protective coating. You can galvanise and paint it. When you are using the metal in a situation where corrosion may pop up, it needs to have a proper finish.

You can rely on our team for mild steel tube manipulation

The team members we have here at Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd have a large amount of experience working with mild steel. They understand how to properly work with the material. As a result, you can fully depend on us if you need bespoke tubing.

So, if you need mild steel tube manipulation or services for other metals, please let us know. You are welcome to contact us to ask for advice, quotes, and more.