Mild Steel Tube Reduction

At Multiform Tubes Ltd we are always ready for new challenges when it comes to adapting tubing. Our skills are already extensive but we would be more than happy to expand them to cater for new projects. We also have a fantastic collection of equipment and tools. That means clients can come to us regardless of their needs, whether it is mild steel tube reduction, bending tubes, or a full package of services.

Why reduce tubes?

Many people come to us and ask why it is actually necessary to reduce tubing. The reduction is important for a number of reasons and is suitable for a variety of applications. It is most commonly used to ensure there is a smaller diameter of tubing at one end before it flares to a wider diameter. The smaller section allows the creation of flush joints, either between tubing or with fixtures and fittings. Some people also choose to reduce the tube for decorative affect.

Two options

Mild steel Tube ReductionThere are two different ways to accomplish mild steel tube reduction; rotary swaging or using hydraulic end forming.

Rotary swaging is a great option for many reasons. Most importantly, it will ensure there is absolutely no interruption in the grain structure. What this means is the reduction will not result in a loss of integral strength. The swaging can also be hot or cold to suit different requirements. The first is generally better for tubing with thicker walls.

Hydraulic end forming is a useful technique that also offers lots of benefits. The most important is that you can use it on larger diameter tubes. The swaging is limited by the maximum opening of the equipment.

Working with steel

One thing that makes us a leader in our field is we have the skills and knowledge to work with different materials. For example, we can deal with various types of steel, including mild, carbon, and stainless. On top of this, we have experience with copper, brass, aluminium, titanium, and more.

In order to maintain quality, we have to be able to provide a precise service every time. This is especially true when working with steels and other metals that suffer with work hardening. Here we can’t afford to spend time reworking metal as the hardening can make it brittle and prone to failure. This is the last thing we want. Instead, we aim to offer the best tubes to the exact clients’ specifications, ensuring the mechanical properties are excellent.

Mild steel tube reduction

Clients in a huge array of industries from all over the UK come to us for the very best tube alterations. Multiform Tubes Ltd has a really outstanding reputation and we always look to offer the greatest services.

If you have any questions about altering any kind of steel tubing, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will be happy to help, ensuring you get the right service.