Mild Steel Tube Ring Rolling

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has many years of experience working in the tubing industry. We provide services like mild steel tube ring rolling. Consequently, our team of first rate technicians can create tubes that meet all of your requirements. In addition, our services have some very reasonable price tags attached to them.

The tube ring rolling process

Mild Steel Tube Ring RollingThis is a manipulation procedure where we bend tubes into circular models. Using ring rolling, we can create versatile components for a number of industries. You can use it to make things like spiral staircases and automotive springs. If the need arises, you can ask us to make huge steel rings too.

We can perform ring rolling using a myriad of methods. This includes cold and hot manipulation, and machine and hand services. Even if you are working with strong tubes, the technique can provide constant curves. It also ensures that your tube won’t have flat spots.

The second crucial element of mild steel tube ring rolling is the metal itself. Mild steel is an incredibly popular substance when it comes to making tubing. It is especially favourable for ERW tubes since you can cold form the metal sheets by rolling them. When the ends meet, it is possible to weld them together to produce the tube. This is possible due to the metal being relatively soft in comparison to different steels.

A less brittle metal

One other advantage of using mild steel for tubing is that it is far less brittle than numerous other metals. It also comes with more flexibility. This is possible because it only has 2% carbon. Therefore, you can adapt and bend the tube easily. Something to remember is that the flex means it isn’t appropriate for structural applications like columns and beams.

The primary reason why people use mild steel so much is that it is cost effective. For manufacturers, this is always appealing. Furthermore, we can cold form the metal and weld it with ease. These both work to keep the costs down.

Something to remember though is that the corrosion resistance isn’t the best. As such, you must galvanise and paint the steel, or give it some other protective coating. With a proper finish, it won’t degrade as rapidly.

Expert mild steel tube ring rolling

Everyone here at Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has a huge level of experience working in mild steel tube ring rolling. We know what is required to make this procedure work. You can expect us to create bespoke tubing unlike anything you have ever seen before.

If there are any questions you would like to ask us about our work, feel free to call. Our team are always ready to share their knowledge and provide advice. Thanks to this, all customers receive an excellent level of service.