Mild Steel Tube Swaging

At Multiform Tubes Ltd, we are known for our leading work in tube manipulation. We have built up a fantastic reputation by providing services such as mild steel tube swaging and so much more. In fact, with our expertise, we can work with a huge number of materials and provide tubes of various specifications. This is why we are the company you can count on for all of your tubing needs.

Mild steel is such a great material choice

This metal is that some people refer to as low carbon and plain carbon steel. It is a popular choice thanks to its relatively low price while having properties that make is great for a huge number of uses. For instance, many people prefer to use it because of the fact that it has a capacity for recycling and is malleable. Mild steel has the benefit of formability, strength, and versatility too, making it fantastic for tubes.

A little bit on mild steel tube swaging

Mild Steel Tube SwagingWith swaging, it is possible to increase or decrease the diameter of a tube. You can do this with the use of a die. The process involves putting the tube within the die so that it can then be hammered radially with a fair amount of force. It is also possible to expand it by putting a mandrel inside of the tube and applying radial compressive forces to the outer diameter. This means that the inner diameter can be a different shape than the outer, such as a hexagon and a circle.

This work allows for the creation of symmetrical parts on relatively low cost and simple equipment. It is rather useful as it is a way to finish tubes and get what you need without wasting any material.

While forging uses heat in order to mould tubes, swaging is a process cold-worked under high pressure. Essentially, it is a tube deformation that allows you to attach one tube to another and form a final shape. When the tools reshape the fitting, it produces a permanent connection between the tubes.

This is a process that has been around for rather a long time. A lot of people don’t recognise the value of the fact that it can save on manufacturing costs. It has many applications with examples including furniture, automotive, and aerospace.

Multiform Tubes Ltd is here to help you

There are a huge number of sectors out there that depend on quality tube manipulation services. With every job and requirement, a tube and its specs must be precise. This ensures people get exactly what they are looking for. We are a team that can provide you with the high standard items you want. This is along with outstanding customer service.

Our team performs a number of services in addition to swaging. This means that whether you require help with forming, drilling, or another form of tube manipulation, we can provide an excellent service.

Do not hesitate to give us a call when you find yourself in need of mild steel tube swaging or any other assistance. We at Multiform Tube Ltd would love to help you however we can.