Oval Tube Drilling

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has been carrying out stellar tubing work for many years. We offer an impressive list of services to meet all sorts of requirements. This includes the likes of oval tube drilling and similar practices. Utilising our knowledge, and state of the art machinery, we can provide you with products for a huge array of applications.

A leading provider of tube drilling

Oval Tube DrillingThe services we provide here are designed to save the client time and hassle. They do this by offering them a precise, clean hole every time. Because of the specialist equipment we employ, acquiring an expert cut is not difficult. Moreover, we have clamps in place to ensure that your tubes don’t bend or turn while we are drilling. This preserves the surface quality.

With expert drilling comes solutions for a myriad of needs. Examples would be pre formed furniture, automotive parts, and numerous other products. When clients rely on us to drill the holes, assembly becomes faster and simpler. This shall save you time, effort, and money.

We are able to offer oval tube drilling for tubes made from a large range of materials too. That includes brass, mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, and copper. Additionally, we are able to work with hydraulic tube, as well as food grade stainless steel. We adapt the service to suit each different material, ensuring we can get the best results.

The best features of oval tubing

Our technicians often work with oval tubes. They have several benefits when you compare them to normal circular designs. For example, they have a stronger shape and are not as likely to become misshapen. The tube is also more compact, resulting in it taking up less space. This makes oval tubing an excellent choice for settings with spatial limitations. The shape is more aerodynamic too. As such, it is a great for creating exhaust pipes for vehicles.

There is also more than one type of oval tubing in existence. The two main styles are flat sided and elliptical. The latter is a true oval, with a continuous round edge. With the former, there are flat sides similar to a rectangular tube. Regardless of the option that you choose, we will be careful with it to guarantee a perfect finish on each product.

Contact us for professional oval tube drilling

The technicians at Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd do everything they can to deliver the highest quality tubing. In addition, we can offer everyone first rate customer care. Our oval tube drilling has proven its worth repeatedly in various industries, making it one of the most diverse solutions we can provide.

So, if you would like to know more about our work, you can call or email us anytime you like.