Oval Tube Swaging

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a company that is known for providing specialist tubing manipulation services. We use techniques like oval tube swaging to supply industries with utensils they can use to meet their unique specifications. In addition, we are capable of working with various kinds of materials like aluminium, titanium, and mild steel. This makes us one of the most versatile specialists in the UK.

The tube swaging technique

Oval Tube SwagingAs for what tube swaging is exactly, it is a rotary, hammer forming procedure for the reduction of the cross-section of wires, tubes, and solids. Rotary swaging has the potential to generate circular concentric reductions. It can also produce regular forms like octagonal, hexagonal, and squares.

The process is useful if you need to adapt the size of the inner diameter of the tube. It also gives you the chance to make it a different shape without a change to the exterior. Plus, you can have the change at one or both ends of the tubes, or continue it along the full length.

During the oval tube swaging process, you insert a die into the tube. Once in place, the die will open and close swiftly, hammering the inner surface. This is what changes the ID or creates the shape.

Working on tubes like this is advantageous in many ways. For one thing, there are short cycle times that supply the users with the end product rapidly and effectively. Moreover, no matter what the shape of the interior is, you will have smooth finishes on the exterior.

In addition, there is no material loss, and tighter tolerances. Tube swaging makes use of an impact process instead of cutting to keep the integral strength the same. This adds to the minimum notch effect and increased wall thickness.

What makes oval tubing so appealing?

Oval tubes offer plenty of advantages to the user. For instance, they have a strong shape and aren’t as likely to become misshapen as some other shapes are. Furthermore, we are working with a more compact tube here. Due to this fact, it shall take up less space. The oval is more aerodynamic too, making it a wonderful choice for applications like exhaust pipes on vehicles.

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