Rectangle Tube Expansion

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a specialist business working in tubing alteration. We have years of experience, making us the UK’s foremost experts in our field. Our team can use their expertise to supply tubes that can meet your exact needs. Our reputation for services like rectangle tube expansion in particular is outstanding. We can adapt the sections so they are suitable for almost any application.

Tube expansion is where we use a multitude of approaches to open up the end or ends of a section. This lets individuals use the utensil in ways they couldn’t normally, so it is very useful. Most importantly, they can obtain a snug, leak proof fit onto other tubes and fittings. To achieve the best result, you can use two separate methods.

Ram forming and hydraulic operated expansion

Rectangle Tube ExpansionThe first method employs a tapered, dedicated die that operates as a mould. Huge pressure forces this into the end of your tube. Next, it retracts out, leaving a wider diameter. The die is a specific diameter and size so it can generate set diameters for particular tubes.

As for the second expansion method, it uses a hydraulic die. These dies have finger style segments that can open to all sorts of lengths and diameters. With this option, you have better flexibility in range and size. As a result, you can get a far more specific measurement. The lead time can be shorter with this method too as you don’t need to make a static die for each project.

The great thing about these services is you can carry out rectangle tube expansion on the majority of metals. This can include softer ones like copper as well as hard titanium grades. You can expand up to 5/6mm in thickness and 150/160mm in diameter depending on the metal.

Why are rectangular tubes popular?

These tubes are created using hot rolled metal coils. You fold them to end up with the tubular shape. Rectangular tubes are low cost designs and also come with a superior strength-to-weight ratio if you compare to other shapes. The rigidity and strength makes them suitable for use in various applications all over the world.

The rectangle tube design is also specifically meant to add strength to projects. This is while they conceal pipes, wires, and other kinds of moving components. Because you can easily manipulate rectangle tubes too, they give you a lightweight alternative to other goods.

Rectangle tube expansion to deliver the goods you need

Thanks to the services we provide, clients can easily find the perfect parts to help them complete their projects. With tube expansion, you have a versatile way of obtaining a tight fitting joint. The intelligent and skilful people here can attend to any job with the same first class work and customer service. In addition to rectangle tubes, we can work with oval, square, and round ones too.

So, please give Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd a call if you wish to work alongside us. We’d be happy to help with rectangle tube expansion and more.