Rectangle Tube Manipulation

Rectangular tubing is great for a number of applications, including the framework for playground equipment, furniture, and more. However, it can be slightly more difficult to adapt than other shapes. Luckily, Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd can help. We offer the most dynamic rectangle tube manipulation service in the UK. With great tooling and equipment, plus a wealth of experience, we can tackle most jobs.

How do we manipulate the tubing?

Rectangle Tube ManipulationOur most popular service is tube bending. Here we take a straight section of tubing and roll it to create curves of differing tightness. We can even offer coils and full rings.

One thing you should keep in mind is that bending rectangular tube is trickier than working on circular tubing. It takes more skill to avoid issues like concavity, especially with more severe curves. However, we can provide the right service for most needs, maintaining the shape effectively.

There are actually two different ways to bend rectangle tubes. The first is known as the hard way and bends on the x-x axis. It is harder to do this because the tube will be more rigid. The second option is y-y axis. It takes less pressure to bend the section this way but the risk of distortion is higher due to the lower rigidity.

What else can we do?

Our rectangle tube manipulation services don’t end with bending. We can also offer a range of other solutions to cater for different needs. For example, we can provide various types of end forming including expansion and reduction. They can be very useful if you need to change the diameter, wall thickness, or shape of the end of the tube.

All of our services are first rate because of the high quality equipment we use. As a long standing business we have invested a huge amount in tools and machinery. This lets us deliver wonderful solutions. It also means we don’t often need to charge our clients to create expensive tooling.

Talk to us about rectangle tube manipulation services

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a leading expert in our field. We can say this because we have the skills to cater for many different applications in a very wide selection of industries. If you have a project that requires bespoke tubing, we are sure we can handle it.

We are also a top business because we can work with many different materials. For example, we are adept at working with various types of steel, titanium, aluminium, copper, and more. Our knowledge of the properties of each material and how they behave during processing helps us deliver accurate services.

So, if you need any form of rectangle tube manipulation, trust us. You can call us to discuss any needs or browse our website for lots of info. We are happy to offer quotes too.