Rectangle Tube Reduction

Our goal at Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is to deliver the exact products our clients need. We specialise in adapting tubing to ensure it can work for all kinds of uses. To do this, we can use a range of techniques. One of these is rectangle tube reduction. Our team can adapt sections with care and precision, so we can achieve the very highest standards.

How do we do it?

Rectangle Tube ReductionThere are two different ways to reduce the end of a piece of tube; rotary reduction or using hydraulic end formers. We have experience with both and can choose the right one for each specific project.

The rotary forming has some impressive advantages though. For example you can use it on tube in different states, including cold, warm, or hot. As a result, it is probably the most dynamic method. Plus, there is no risk of affecting the grain structure or integral strength.

Another positive with rotary is you can use it to tube layer. What happens here is that you can take tubes of different sizes and materials, slot them inside each other, and then reduce them together. It will create a sandwich effect. If you want to use a series of different metal tubes to increase the strength or provide things like better corrosion resistance, this is the right technique for you.

Hydraulic end forming is not completely outclassed though. It has some wonderful benefits in its own right. For example, the use of a die and clamps means the finish will be excellent. Plus, you can use it to adapt tubes with a very big diameter, up to 5.5″.

Excelling at rectangle tube reduction

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is one of the most skilful experts in the tubing industry. We have a talented team who can combine great skills with extensive experience. Then we have wonderful equipment and tooling. So, we can cater for all kinds of needs and deliver top results.

We can work with clients in many industries and satisfy a huge array of different specifications. For example, we can work with a broad range of metals, including several types of steel, brass, copper, titanium, and more.

As we said above, we can offer high quality rectangle tube reduction. However, it is not the only shape of tubing we can deal with. Clients can also come to us with square, oval, or traditional round tubes.

Arrange a service today

So, if you want the very best service and resources you can rely on, choose Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd. You can contact us with details of the application you have in mind and the type of tubing. We can then help you to choose a service.