Rectangle Tube Swaging

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is the UK’s leading tube manipulator for good reason. We offer consistently high quality services for clients in many industries. Our extensive knowledge, skilful team and first rate equipment mean we can handle almost any need. So, if you want a professional service, rely on us. We provide rectangle tube swaging, bending, and much more.

What is swaging?

Rectangle Tube SwagingIf you are looking to adapt the inner diameter of a section of tube, it is a good idea to ask us to swage it for you. It is an accurate, reliable technique that can produce fast, high quality results. At the same time, it ensures there is no damage to the external diameter, leaving it in its original state.

The swaging process requires the use of a die. It fits into the end of the tube and then hammers rapidly to strike the inner surface. If you rotate the die while it works, it can adapt the whole ID.

You can use the rectangle tube swaging technique to achieve many things. Firstly it is a good way to compress the tube wall. That can be useful if it needs to be reduced slightly so the tube can attach to a fixture or another section in a pipeline.

Interestingly, you can also use the swaging to adapt the shape of the ID of the tube. It takes skill to do this, but experts can use the rotary process to create many different regular forms, including hexagons or octagons. With rectangular or square tubing, it can even make it round inside if necessary.

Why choose rectangle tube swaging?

As we said, this process is a great way to adapt the ID of tubes without affecting the OD. It can be useful for many projects, including pipelines, furniture, barriers, and more. Whatever you need, with precise swaging you can create high quality joints that won’t require any additional fixtures or fittings.

There are many benefits to choosing this service. Firstly, it is entirely mechanical. That means there is no need to cut the tubes and no loss of material.

In addition, the process does not affect vital properties such as the integral strength. It will remain the same, regardless of the material you are dealing with.

There is a lot of flexibility with the swaging too. You can do it on one or both ends of a section of tube. You could even have a different shape at each end if necessary. The swaged part can also extend into the tube as far as you need it to.

Work with us to adapt your tubing

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is the best provider of rectangle tube swaging for several reasons. For starters, we have the skills to work with a huge array of metals, including different alloys of steel, aluminium, copper, and more. We can adapt our approach and tooling to suit these materials.

On top of that we have the ability to offer solutions for clients in many industries. This can include everything from transportation to petrochemical. We are also always happy to help with designs for new applications or insights if you have issues.

So, contact us today for the most reliable rectangle tube swaging solutions. We will give you the best services for the most effective prices.