Rolled Steel Rings UK

Multiform Tubes is a specialist company focusing on tube manipulation and bending. We can use our skills to supply you with a vast array of high quality tubing products. For example we are a first rate provider of rolled steel rings UK businesses can count on. Our knowledge of tubing, in addition to our up to date machinery, ensures that clients receive the tools to meet their needs.

We help many sectors

multiform tubesThe high calibre tubes and steel rings we create have been able to serve numerous industries. For instance, you could use our goods in fabrication, transport, heating, and medical applications. We make sure every product is accurate and the highest quality. This is what helps them to become practical choices for our clients.

Our technicians are competent

Using their impressive talents, our technicians can work with brass, copper, food grade stainless steel, aluminium, and mild steel tubes, as well as various other types. Aside from the collection of materials we can deal with, we also have experience with different sizes and shapes. For example, we can adapt oval, square, and circular tubes.

Numerous services are on offer

Since we are professionals with a lot of experience of manipulating tubular products, it should not surprise you that we offer a wide variety of services. The list here includes tube drilling, end forming, welded fabrication, swaging, and much more. You can use every one of these services to create a diverse collection of adaptable tubes. For example, it is possible to use them for producing automotive parts, railings, chair frames, shop fittings, and barriers.

Ring rolling

rolled steel rings UKThis is another service we have here at Multiform Tubes. It is what we use when we need to make the rolled steel rings UK businesses can count on. This is a manipulation procedure we use to bend tubes into the circular models. By ring rolling our tubes, we can produce versatile parts for several uses. You can obtain everything from automotive springs to spiral staircases.

We can use multiple methods of ring rolling. For instance, there is machine and hand operation as well as hot and cold manipulation. Each option supplies the user with continual curves, even with the sturdiest of tubes. At the same time, our processes ensure that your tube won’t be flattened.

The best rolled steel rings in the UK

The team here at Multiform Tubes wants nothing more than to give everyone premier customer service and merchandise for suitable prices. As we have already said, there are many ways in which we can assist you. If one of them stands out to you, please let us know.

To get in touch with and receive the finest rolled steel rings UK clients can use, call us at 01384 898510. You can also reach us by email or use our contact form.