Rolled Steel Tube

If you ever need rolled steel tube or a service to adapt it, our team is here to help. Multiform Tubes Ltd is a reputable service provider, supplying leading tube manipulation services to people in various industries. We have a long list of regular customers as a result of our hard work. In addition, we get a great deal of business from recommendations. That says a lot about how we operate.

Tubing services

Rolled Steel TubeMetal tubes can be manipulated in many different ways, such as bending, expansion, drilling, and more. When it comes to work like rolling, this involves taking strip steel and rolling it out so that it forms a coil during its production. This produces high quality tubes. The end products are suitable for numerous applications including boilers, automobiles, aircraft, and tractors among other areas.

This process to create the tubes can be at varying temperatures, either hot or cold rolling. There are a few differences between these processes. For starters, hot rolling can make the steel easier to work with and keeps it free from internal stresses. You can often find these tubes within the construction sector.

Cold rolled tubes however start off as hot rolled steel. Further processing will produce a more finished surface with better strength. These tubes are better for uses with strict tolerances and surface condition needs.

Dedicating ourselves to excellence

With our work, we are always aiming for the highest quality results with whatever job we do. This means we strive to offer rolled steel tube with the right strength, reliability, and cost effectiveness.

Thanks to the skill and knowledge of our team along with the up to date machinery we use, we are able to work with various materials. Whether it is aluminium, food grade stainless steel, brass, or another option, we can handle it.

We can also handle all jobs with a great degree of accuracy. In other words, if you have exact specifications you need, you never have to worry. We ensure that the product you receive from us is a top-quality piece. This is why we say that we are the company you can count on for your tubes. Even if you have a unique project, we are confident we can fulfil all sorts of requirements.

Looking for rolled steel tube and don’t know who to turn to?

TubeOur team has expert abilities, allowing them to undertake jobs of varying sizes and complexities. We can work with various sizes and specifications of steel tube.

If you are looking for a specific service or piece of tube, there is no need to worry. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we will work hard to provide you with precisely what you require.

We often work with unique specifications and welcome a challenge. So, reach out to see what our team can do for you. We are available to contact via mobile and email. In addition, you can also make the most of the handy contact form on our website.