Rotary Swaging Services

Adapting tubes is our main area of expertise. We have the skills to adapt a length of tube to suit a wide array of specifications and uses. The number of different things we can do is extensive, including bending and end forming. We are also proud to offer the most specialist rotary swaging services.

What is swaging?

Rotary swaging servicesThis is one of the most effective ways to alter the diameter of a piece of tube. It uses a die to compress the wall, meaning it can increase the ID or reduce the OD. The process can also change the shape of the diameter. This is a great option if you want the ID and OD to be different shapes.

The great thing about swaging is we can use it to adapt the ends of a piece of tube or at a point along the length. It is the most popular method to create irregular forms in the tubing.

Surprisingly this is a process that dates back all the way to the early 20th century. However the original practitioners would have had a lot more trouble than modern ones. This is because new technology makes the process easier. For example there are hydraulic dies now with segments that can open rapidly to hammer the tubing. Originally people would only have been able to use static dies that they had to hammer into the tube.

How does it work?

Rotary swaging services begin with the right tooling. A swaging unit has a spindle with slots to hold the dies, hammer blocks and the pressure plates. Next there is a cage full of rollers. Finally is a retaining track.

The process begins by rotating the spindle. This can reach quite a high RPM, generally between 300 and 500. As it rotates the dies and hammer blocks are forced outwards. As a result they hit the rollers in the cage. This then hammers the dies together to produce the forming blow.

The process is really efficient and requires very little effort from the operator. It is also a cold process so there is no need to heat up the metal. This means it will not affects its properties.


Rotary swaging offers a wide range of benefits. This includes:

  • No material loss
  • No damage to the grain structure
  • It is easy to create different shapes
  • Precision and tight tolerances
  • Better material properties, including tension as well as torsion
  • Cost effective

At Multiform Tubes we can use rotary swaging on a wide array of tubing. This includes different shapes and lots of materials. For example we can work with several types of steel and non-ferrous metals.

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