Round Tube Reduction

There are many cases where it is necessary to reduce the end of a piece of tubing. Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd can offer a great service to suit each of these requirements. We are a market leader in the UK because we set high standards and deliver excellent results. Whatever the client needs, we are confident we can achieve it. This includes offering precise round tube reduction.

How do we do it?

Round Tube ReductionThe tube reduction technique requires the right equipment, especially if you want the best results. We use either rotary end formers or hydraulic ones. The choice depends on the tubing we are dealing with and the specifications. The rotary process is usually the one we opt for because it can preserve the grain structure of the metal so there is no loss of strength.

There are several options with the reduction to suit different needs. For example you can reduce cold tubes quite easily as long as you choose suitable tooling. Or, if you need extra help you can heat the tubes first and then reduce them.

What do you need?

Our team have a lot of experience with round tube reduction. It is a service we provide on a regular basis because circular tubes are popular for a huge array of different applications. In many cases clients needs to reduce the ends to fit sections together in things like pipe lines, frames, handrails, or other products. Some choose the reduced ends for other reasons, including to attach to fittings or for decoration.

One of the things that make us the go to company for tubing services is the fact we can work with various metals. This includes different kinds of steel, copper, aluminium, titanium, and more. We adapt our service to suit the specific needs of each material. As a result we can take account of things like the hardness, ductility, and likelihood of work hardening.

We can offer clients advice about what is possible with tube reduction. It is important to keep in mind that each material will only allow a certain amount. As a result, you will be unable to exceed this without damaging the tube.

Choose round tube reduction today

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd works to deliver the most consistent services for our clients. We want them to have confidence coming to us for all kinds of projects. Our wealth of experience is a great resource and means that businesses can rely on us if they need any kind of advice.

So, if you want to arrange round tube reduction today for any need, contact us. We can give you tips, a quote, and discuss your project to ensure we can deliver the products you want.