Round Tube Ring Rolling

Our speciality here at Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is the manipulation of different types of tube. We use many techniques to produce unique tubing that meets the distinct needs of our clients. Round tube ring rolling is one of said techniques. The experts we have understand how to use it to great effect in order to adapt your products to suit your specs.

Tube ring rolling explanation

Round Tube Ring RollingThis is the manipulation process of bending tubes into circular designs. With ring rolling, it is easier to create versatile utensils for a multitude of industries. It is possible to use it in order to produce things like automotive springs, spiral staircases, and heating components. Additionally, our team can manufacture large steel rings and more if you need them.

We can perform round tube ring rolling using a plethora of approaches. Examples include machine and hand manipulation. It is also possible using cold and hot manipulation. Even when the tubes are strong metals, the procedure offers you constant curves. At the same time, it does not flatten your tubing.

Why are round tubes so popular?

This is a very beneficial kind of tubing that people in various industries love to use. These types of tube are often chosen for their architectural and practical characteristics. People regularly select them when they need to move fluid from one place to another. They need to do so in an efficient and timely manner. The shape is great for allowing that.

In addition, round tubes are rigid and solid, with their strength being evenly distributed in every direction. Consequently, they have superb structural stability if you compare to other tube variants.

Another fact about round tube is that they are easier to manage during bending, distortion, and working. This is because the distribution of metal and strength is generally even. Whenever you resize the tubing for various applications, you are able to cut it more precisely too. Thanks to the tube’s design, it is also easier to weld the tubes together.

Lastly, round tubes are around 20% lighter than their square counterparts. Thanks to this attribute, it is easier to transport them for more large scale construction jobs. For practicality, they are excellent candidates because of all these benefits.

Ask us about round tube ring rolling

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has always strived to offer every client first rate products and services. We aim to do this for affordable prices as well. Our broad range of tube manipulation skills allows us to provide unique tubing that is suitable for all sorts of projects.

In addition, our team is able to work with a myriad of materials. Examples include brass, mild steel, titanium, stainless steel, and hydraulic tubes. We also work with copper, aluminium, and food grade stainless steel.

So, please get in touch with us by phone or email if you want to start working with us. We can even offer tips and advice if you are not sure round tube ring rolling is the right option for your needs. If it isn’t, we are confident we can find a solution.