Round Tube Swaging

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd offers the most dynamic range of tubing services. We can take any section of tube and adapt it in several ways. For example we can offer bending, end forming, and more. We deliver the same great results for all sorts of materials and specifications. Most importantly, we are the top name for round tube swaging in the UK.

Why choose swaging?

Round Tube SwagingOf all the different services we offer, this has one of the most extensive collections of uses. Some people choose it simply to expand the inner diameter of the tube by reducing the wall thickness. This does not require a change to the outer diameter. As a result it is a great option if the client needs to adapt the tube to suit different fittings or fixtures.

Other people choose the tube swaging because they want to change the shape of the inner diameter. This can be a trickier service but it is possible with the right skills and equipment. We have both of those so we can offer solutions to adapt a circular surface to make it square or even hexagonal. If possible we can provide other shapes too.

While the process is very useful, it is also important to note that most people choose swaging because it is an alternative to cutting. That means there is no interruption in the grain or a loss of material. The tube will therefore retain its strength characteristics. In fact, in many cases it can actually help enhance them.

Do you need round tube swaging?

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd can offer a great swaging service for clients in all kinds of industries. We can swage both ends of the tube or continue it through the whole length of a section. Whatever you need, we can deliver it.

We only use the very best equipment for our services. This includes dies to suit an array of requirements. If necessary we can even create custom ones to suit the client’s specifications. There are different options here, including hydraulic dies and static ones. They can give clients a lot of choice in terms of the maximum amount of wall reduction.

So, if you need round tube swaging to create any kind of products, contact us. We can arrange everything for you and even offer advice if you are unsure what you need.