Shop Fitting Tube Reduction

The technicians here at Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd are experts when it comes to altering tubing. We have been serving clients for several years. So, we have the experience to create tubes that suit applications in various sectors. The manipulation services available here cover numerous jobs, including shop fitting tube reduction.

This reduction procedure has similarities to tube tapering, where we reduce the tubing in size towards the end. The practice is useful in all sorts of situations. Creating unique shop fittings is just one of them.

Tube reduction can be extremely helpful

Normally, you would perform the reduction on rotary reducing mechanisms or hydraulic end formers. Rotary reduction has its advantages. To give an example, there won’t be any interruptions to the grain structure. This guarantees that there is not going to be a loss in integral strength. What’s more, your workpieces can be warm or hot if necessary. This makes the process perfect if you ever need strong heavy wall components.

Rotary reduction is a great option because it can tube layer too. This is similar to creating a sandwich effect. What you do is take multiple sections of tubing and reduce them together in one go. It gives you the freedom to combine substances to get a different array of characteristics in the final product.

Hydraulic end forming is a little different in how it works. Rather than a rotary process, it uses a hard static die for the forming. You force it into the end of the tube to the right depth. For better accuracy, we use clamps to hold the tubing in place while forming.

The hydraulic method can form tubes that are up to 5.5″ in diameter. This is superior to what you can obtain with rotary reducing.

With both reduction practices, tube wall thicknesses can go up to 5mm with cold tubes. If you heat the tubing, you can use rotary to go beyond that.

Shops and their various fittings

Shop Fitting Tube ReductionShop fitting tube reduction comes in very handy because shops and their fittings are rather diverse. For a commercial property to function correctly, it needs the right infrastructure. Metal tubes are able to help us manufacture all sorts of things for this. Due to the strength to weight ratio on offer, they provide considerable advantages. As such, we are able to enjoy sturdy, durable items that are lightweight at the same time. Even better, the tubing tends to be cost efficient, especially for bespoke designs.

You can use tube in many different shop fittings. Examples include railings, shelves, and racks. Even counter designs make use of tubes. With every product, longevity and stability are critical. One thing a shop owner won’t want is to see is their fittings deteriorating or sagging. Thanks to top tier components, you can stop this.

Because tubes come in numerous shapes and sizes, they can satisfy a multitude of needs. To take things further, expert technicians like us have what it takes to adapt them in the right ways with our manipulation services. This increases the amount of uses you can get out of your tube. We can take the design options further than they have ever been before.

There is one other factor that is in favour of employing tubes to produce fittings and fixtures. They can be extremely decorative if necessary. This is possible to achieve without needing to sacrifice stability and strength. When you have the right products, it is possible to make shop fittings stand out. Getting the customer’s attention will be simple.

Come to us for your shop fitting tube reduction needs

Multiform Tubes Engineering is more than capable of using tube reduction to create bespoke tubing. Ours is a long standing business that has a stellar reputation for providing first class results. We will get you the products you need every time. What’s more, we can offer you an excellent level of customer service. You will find our prices more than reasonable too.

So, if you wish to discuss shop fitting tube reduction with us, feel free to get in touch; we are here to help.