Shop Fitting Tube Swaging

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd provides specialist services to bend and alter tubing to suit many needs. We can offer solutions like shop fitting tube swaging to provide our clients with the utensils they need. The work we do is invaluable, and has helped many industries beyond retail to thrive. As a result of our efforts, we have become one of the leading businesses in our field.

The tubes our technicians can work with are made from an extensive list of materials. This includes mild, stainless, and hydraulic steel. Other metals include brass, copper, aluminium, and titanium. It gives our clients a lot of choice when they decide what characteristics they need for their tubing.

How does tube swaging work?

Shop Fitting Tube SwagingFor those unfamiliar with it, this is a process of rotary swaging. It is the hammer forming procedure for the reduction of the cross-section of wires, solids, and tubes. With it, it’s possible to generate circular concentric reductions or regular forms. Examples include squares, octagons, and hexagons. In turn, it can make your inner tube a different shape whilst keeping the outer part circular. Also, it can decrease or increase the diameters of tubing. You can have the alteration on the ends of the tube or right the way though.

The process consists of inserting a hydraulic die into the tubing. It closes and opens rapidly, hammering to produce the reduction or change in shape.

There are multiple advantages to doing work like this. For one thing, the cycle times remain short. You’ll receive your end product more rapidly. Additionally, you will get a decent, smooth, circular finish on the exterior whatever the interior’s shape is.

Even better, there is no material loss and tighter tolerances. Swaging utilises an impact process instead of cutting. As a result, integral strength stays the same. There is also no waste.

The relationship between shop fittings and tubes

Having shop fitting tube swaging services available is a great benefit. It means there are solutions to deliver bespoke tubes for all kinds of needs. Retail is a diverse industry that includes small boutiques as well as the largest warehouses and supermarkets. Despite the size differences, they must all use the proper shop fittings to function correctly. Tubing is great here.

Businesses can use metallic tube to manufacture an extensive collection of fixtures and fittings for shops. They supply major advantages thanks to the strength to weight ratio on offer. What this means is that people are able to enjoy sturdy durable products that remain lightweight. In addition, the tubing is normally cost efficient, even with bespoke designs.

There is a lot you can use tubes for

Tubing has its uses in various shop fittings. The list includes shelves, railings, and racks. Even counter designs regularly employ tube today.

With every product, longevity and stability are essential. One of the last things a shop owner needs is the discovery that their fittings are deteriorating or sagging. Quality components such as tubes stop these problems.

Because tube comes in so many sizes and shapes, it can meet all sorts of specifications. To further expand on this, experienced manufacturers like us can adapt them in many ways. Tube swaging is one of these ways. It increases the number of design options and uses they can meet even more.

Another excellent factor in tubing’s favour for creating fittings and fixtures is that they can be very decorative. It is possible for you to achieve this without undermining stability and strength. When you possess the correct products, it is easier to make your shop fitting stand out. Thus, you can use them to grab the attention of customers.

Use our first class shop fitting tube swaging services

We use our range of services to provide bespoke tubing to create various shop fittings. Our establishment has years of experience and a reputation for delivering stellar results. This is true for any kind of project. When you work with our team, you will be able to meet all your criteria. What’s more, you will receive a fantastic level of customer service.

So, if you’d like to use our shop fitting tube swaging services, get in touch with us. You can give us info about the kind of products you are creating and we can let you know what we can do.