Square Tube Bending

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is one of the leaders in our field in the UK. We have the skills to adapt most kinds of tubing so it can suit projects in various industries. Our goal is to always hit the highest standards and offer a fast turnaround on all jobs. This is why we are the top name for square tube bending and more.

Can you bend them?

Square Tube BendingMany people come to us asking if it is even possible to bend a square tube. We are happy to say that yes, it is something we can do. There are a lot of similarities between bending regardless of the shape, material, or wall thickness. However, you need to think about the challenges and potential issues that can arise.

To bend the tube you need a few important details about your needs. For example you will likely need to know the degree of bend, the radius, arc length, slope, and tangent lengths. While you may not always need all of this information, it is useful to have details of many of these parameters. This will help us to choose the right bending method.

Problems for square tube bending

The key to providing a quality service here is to address the potential problems of working with square tubing. The physical dimensions and characteristics of the section can cause issues.

One thing in particular you must think about is the corner radii. You need to ensure a mandrel can fit into the tube if you are using one. Sadly rounded corners can allow the section to slip, resulting in twisting.

It is also important to think about the weld seam. With square tube bending it is ideal to have it near the middle of one of the sides. It is better to have it here than near to a corner. Too close to a corner can cause issues when using a mandrel and could even cause cracking along the seam.

Finally you need to consider distortion. When you bend a square tube you may experience crinkling. A way to avoid it is to choose thicker walls. It is also important to make sure you get the bend radii right.

Work with the best team

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd understands the challenges of dealing with square tubing. Luckily we have a wealth of knowledge and access to fantastic tooling. That means we can provide consistent, high quality services. We will choose the best method to bend tube and can use mandrels if necessary.

Clients from all kinds of industries can come to us for square tube bending services. We offer great results and excellent value for money. Whether they need steel, copper, aluminium, or another type of tubing, we can work with it.

So, get in touch today if you would like any help.