Square Tube Drilling

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd succeeds in providing its customers with several useful tubing services. Using our skills and knowledge of the industry, we are able to give our clients tubes that are appropriate for their applications. We don’t simply work with the standard styles of tubing though. Our team can offer square tube drilling and much more.

How does tube drilling work?

Square Tube drillingThe service has been designed to save every client time and effort. It does so by offering a precise, clean hole. With our high quality drilling gear on hand, you will receive an expert cut. Moreover, we have clamps to make sure the tube does not bend or turn while we drill. This keeps it accurate.

Expert square tube drilling can offer you solutions for a myriad of needs. Examples include automotive parts and pre-formed furniture among others. Thanks to the pre-drilled holes, assemblies are easier and faster. Furthermore, the work shall save you effort, time, and money.

The advantages of using square tubes

Square tubing itself also comes with a number of benefits. They make it extremely useful in domestic and industrial applications. The tubes have strength, and the capacity to endure extreme pressure and temperatures. Consequently, they have high value for many industries. In terms of domestic applications, people use square tube for gates, pipes, fences, and equipment.

There are several general advantages to using square tubes. For one thing, there is the uniformity. The tubing offers users regularity in tolerances, shape, and size. As a result, it is a popular choice for original equipment manufacturer projects.

The square tubes have impressive strength too, particularly the tensile strength. This is what makes them resistant to extreme pressures and temperatures.

Something else to note about square tubing is that it is a low cost option. When you compare to other forms of mechanical tubes, square ones don’t need as much processing. This can minimise the price end users need to pay.

Thanks to these characteristics, it is easy to use the tubes to build metal structures and many other products.

We help customers meet their needs with square tube drilling

The team here at Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has always taken pride in the flexibility of our work. We aim to satisfy every customer who comes to us looking for tubing services. To do this we can work with different metals and various tube specifications. The latter includes a wide array of wall thicknesses. We can even arrange more than one service if clients need it.

So, if you believe that square tube drilling could benefit you in some way or want to arrange something else, please get in touch with us. We are one of the UK’s leading tubing experts and have happy clients in various industries.