Square Tube Expansion

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a specialist company that excels in the manipulation and bending of tubing. As one of the UK’s top tube experts, we are a team with a huge amount of skill and experience. Our reputation for providing unique services is outstanding, especially for square tube expansion. The work we do is ideal for creating products like heating, barriers, and furniture.

The tube expansion methods

Square Tube ExpansionOne of the things that make us a market leader is we use a full range of techniques to open up the ends of tubes. In this state, we can use the tubing in a myriad of distinct ways. Not to mention, we can give the products a leak proof, snug fit onto other utensils. We can use two methods to achieve the result.

Ram forming expansion is the first one. It uses a dedicated, tapered die that operates like a mould. Huge amounts of pressure force the die into the tube’s end. Next, this retracts out, leaving you with an expanded end. Your die will be of a set formed size and diameter. As a result, it means it is only capable of generating a max diameter for certain tubes.

As for the second expansion method, it uses a hydraulic expanding die. These dies have segments that can open to different lengths and diameters. This provides you with superior flexibility in range and size. It is possible to open up the hydraulic die as much or as little as you need to. That gives you a far more specific measurement.

Expansion is possible with the majority of metals. However, the amount you can expand a tube will differ depending on factors like wall thickness, hardness, and workability. If you are thinking about square tube expansion, you should make sure you consider the material.

Square tubing’s benefits

This form of tubing comes with its own benefits that make it appealing. These tubes are typically popular for industrial projects because users value their strength. In addition, they are famous for their capacity to withstand extreme pressure and temperatures. The applications are very broad, including fencing, pipes, and various appliances.

In addition to its strength, square tubing is well known for its uniformity. The tubes have uniform concentricity and wall thickness. Plus, using them is a cost effective strategy. They need less processing when you compare to other forms of tubing. Therefore, it is perfect for less demanding projects. Square tube also comes in a variety of sizes.

The very best square tube expansion services

The team at Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd uses expansion to give clients a versatile way of obtaining a tight fitting joint. Our professional technicians often take on projects with square tubing. We offer first class results as well as the very best customer service. In addition, we are comfortable working with rectangular, oval, and round tubing too.

So, if you would like expert square tube expansion or anything else, you are welcome to contact us. We can provide lots of advice to help you get the right products for your project.