Square Tube Reduction

The technicians here at Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd are experts in the manipulation of tubing. We have spent a long time working in this industry. Thanks to that, we have a huge amount of experience and can create specialist products for a multitude of industries. The services we offer include square tube reduction, as well as several others.

How does the reduction work?

Tube reduction is like tapering, where we reduce the size of the end. This is useful for an array of applications. A notable example would be supplying exterior and interior flush joints.

Square Tube ReductionNormally, tube end reduction gets performed on hydraulic end formers or rotary reducing mechanisms. The latter can offer a number of benefits. For one thing, there is not going to be any interruption to the grain structure. This guarantees that there won’t be any loss in integral strength. Your work pieces could be warm or hot, making them suitable for heavy components.

Rotary reduction can tube layer too. Here, you can reduce tubes of different materials together. The result is a sandwich effect. What this does is increase strength while letting you use a range of metals.

As for hydraulic end forming, it utilises a static forming die, as well as clamps. With these, you can form tubes that are up to 5.5″ in diameter. This is far superior to what you are able to achieve with rotary. By using both methods, wall thicknesses can reach levels of 5mm. Hot rotary is the only method that can exceed this.

The benefits of utilising square tubing

You can’t have square tube reduction without the tubes however, and there are plenty of reasons to use them. It is common for people to use them for industrial and domestic applications. Many individuals value the square design because it possesses outstanding strength. What’s more, it has the ability to endure the extremes of the destructive elements, temperature, and pressure.

One of the most well known benefits of square tubing is its uniformity. In addition to the mechanical attributes, these tubes have uniform concentricity. This is also the case for the wall thickness.

As for strength, the tube can reach high tensile and yield strength. It is these features that let them withstand the elements.

Another important feature of square tube is that it does not usually need that much processing. This is if you compare to other designs. Because of this, it can offer everyone cost advantages for projects with greater demands.

Dependable square tube reduction and more

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd can adapt products made from a plethora of different materials. That includes brass, mild and stainless steel, titanium, copper, hydraulic tubes, and more. Every material comes with its own appearance, level of durability, and strength. But, we can adapt each service to get the best results.

We are professionals when it comes to square tube reduction. Whenever we are given a job, we aim to complete it to the highest possible standard. This way, we can guarantee an outstanding quality of work. Our customer service is quite impressive too.

So, if you want to try our services, feel free to contact us.